Eddie Dean and Lash LaRue

Eddie Dean:

Singer/songwriter/musician and B-movie cowboy Eddie Dean appeared in Hollywood westerns of the late '30s through the late '40s and also had a modest career in country music.

Eddie decided to try his luck in Hollywood in 1936 and began playing minor roles in Westerns. He also appeared regularly on Judy Canova's network radio show and released eight singles between 1941 and 1942, including "On the Banks of the Sunny San Juan."

As an actor, Dean got his big break in 1944 when he starred in the musical Western “The Harmony Trail”. After that, he went on to star in 19 more Westerns; at the apex of his film career, Dean was listed among the top ten cowboy stars of the 1940s.

After 1948, Dean retired from films and focused on using his movie fame to promote his singing career. Although a talented vocalist with a remarkably strong, clear voice, Dean never made it big. He did have a few hits and wrote some excellent songs, including "One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart),"

As a songwriter, his best-known hit remains 1955's "I Dreamed of a Hill-Billy Heaven," a country music classic. Dean continued recording on low-budget labels through the 1970s. Through the 1980s, Dean continued to sing and share anecdotes at Western film fairs, and in 1993 was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.


Al"Lash"LaRue:  Al LaRue first tried to break into movies during the war years but failed to get past the casting directors, most of whom felt that he looked too much like Humphrey Bogart to suit their tastes. Refusing to give up, LaRue had by 1945 picked up quite a few supporting bad-guy roles. He began showing up in secondary parts in the Eddie Dean westerns at PRC studios. On the strength of his voluminous fan mail, Al LaRue was elevated to his own starring B western movie series in 1946.

Billed as "Lash" LaRue in honor of his skill with a 15-foot bullwhip, the actor played a black-clad do-gooder named Cheyenne, while his comic sidekick was the ubiquitous Al "Fuzzy" St. John.

Most kids know him from the Lash LaRue Comic Books printed by Fawcett Comics during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

In 1951, LaRue headlined the 15-minute TV series Lash of the West, in which he would introduce and narrate clips from his earlier films.

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========================Eddie Dean===================================

1.  Song Of Old Wyoming (1946 Color) - Eddie Dean, and Al"Lash"LaRue:

Statehood for Wyoming became the focal point in this music Western from movie studio PRC, which served to introduce Eddie Dean as the company's newest singing cowboy.  Eddie Dean is aided by a mysterious stranger, "The Cheyenne Kid" (Lash LaRue making his Western debut).

2.  Stars Over Texas (1946) - Eddie Dean:

When Eddie Dean and his pals deliver cattle to the Lawrence ranch, they run into trouble with Ringo Evans and his gang. Ringo's men are rustling cattle and attempting to kill the foreman. Seeing the resemblance between the foreman and his pal Waco, Eddie has Waco impersonate the foreman. They then find proof that Evans is behind the rustling but find themselves greatly outnumbered when the gang attacks.

3.  Wild Country (1947) - Eddie Dean

Caxton (I. Stanford Jolley) has broken out of prison and Marshal Eddie Dean has been sent to bring him in. Caxton is known by the polka dot band on his hat and Eddie has Soapy (Roscoe Ates) wear one like it.

4.  Hawk of Powder River (1948) – Eddie Dean:

Cowboy hero Eddie Dean versus The mysterious Hawk, and her outlaw gang. 

5. Black Hills (1948) - Eddie Dean

John Hadley (Steve Clark) discovers a rich vein of gold ore in an abandoned mine on his ranch but doesn't tell his daughter, Janet (Shirley Patterson), or son Larry (Steve Drake). Dan Kirby (Terry Frost), local saloon owner, and his henchman, Al Cooper (Lane Bradford), spot Hadely at the mine and, learning that it is still a secret, kill him. Unable to find their missing father, Larry and Janet are forced to borrow payroll money from Harvey Allen (George Chesebro), local land-company head, promising to pay it off after the spring roundup. But Larry is robbed by KIrby and his henchmen. Eddie Dean and his sidekick, "Soapy" Jones (Roscoe Ates) ride in just as the robbers are making a getaway.
NOTE: Opening credits are backwards.

6. The Tioga Kid (1948) - Eddie Dean  

Ranger Eddie Dean is looking for the outlaw the Tioga Kid, a man he closely resembles. He runs into Joe Morino and his gang of rustlers at the same time Tioga arrives to cut himself into Morino's game. But Morino doesn't give in and in the showdown, Eddie and the Kid find themselves on the same side. 

=======================Lash LaRue==================================

1.   Law of the Lash (1947) - Lash La Rue and Al St. John.

When Decker's gang holds up a stage, henchman Lefty takes a lady's rings. Later Lefty accidentally exposes the rings buying ammunition and Cheyenne (Lash La Rue) sees them. When Lefty tries to shoot Cheyenne he is captured. Now Cheyenne wants the rest of the gang and their leader.

2.  Return of the Lash (1947) - Lash LaRue - To fight Kirby and his gang, Tom Grant sends for Cheyenne Davis (Lash LaRue). To get money the ranchers need, Davis brings in wanted outlaws and sends Fuzzy to collect the rewards. But Fuzzy is waylaid on the return and loses his memory. Now neither Cheyenne or the outlaws know where the money is.

3.  Border Feud (1947) - Lash LaRue - Marshal Cheyenne Davis (Lash La Rue), aka The Cheyenne Kid is on his way to Mesa City to help his pal Sheriff "Fuzzy" Jones (Al St. John) settle an old feud between the Harts and the Condons. Posing as an outlaw, Cheyenne is accepted by gang leader Jack Barton (Bob Duncan) and is told his job will be to continue stirring up trouble between the Harts and Condons. 

4.  Ghost Town Renegades (1947) - Lash LaRue - Gold has been found and Sharp is out to get the land. He has the land owners killed and then has Watson forge new deeds. Cheyenne (Lash Larue) and Fuzzy (Al St. John) arrive in time to save Trent. Then they go after the gang and its leader.

5.  Outlaw Country (1952) - Lash LaRue - The Marshal sends Lash LaRue and Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John) south of the border where McCord (Dan White) runs a smuggling operation. His chief henchman, known as the Frontier Phantom, is Lash's brother and it's not long before the two brothers meet.

6.  Frontier Phantom (1952) - Lash LaRue - In the finale of the Lash LaRue series, Lash is arrested. Suspected of being the Frontier Phantom, he tries to prove his true identity by telling the Sheriff the story of his twin brother, the Phantom. His sidekick is Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St .John) who ends his 40 year movie career.

7.  The Daltons' Women (1950) - Marshal Lash LaRue and his sidekick Fuzzy are on the trail of the legendary Dalton gang in this action-filled B-western. With the help of his usual snooping and detective work, the whip-slinging lawman eventually saves the day, corrals the villains and rides into the sunset ......
This film is better scripted and produced than many of the low-budgeted Lash films.  One of Lash's better films.

8.  Thundering Trail (1950) - Lash and Fuzzy have been sent to escort the new Governor to the Capitol City. West and his outlaw gang are out to stop them. When Lash's first attempt is foiled, he realizes the Governor's supposedly deaf and dumb servant is the informant and sets a trap for the gang.  [Added