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Jimmy Wakely Movie

Jimmy Wakely (1914 - 1982), was an American actor and country Western music vocalist, and one of the last singing cowboys. During the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, he released records, starred in 28 B-Western movies in the mid to late 1940s for Monogram Pictures, appeared on radio and television and even had his own series of comic books. His duet singles with Margaret Whiting from 1949–51 produced a string of top seven hits, including 1949's number one hit on the US country charts and pop music charts, "Slippin' Around." Wakely owned two music publishing companies in later years and performed at the Grand Ole Opry until shortly before his death.

Jimmy Wakely in Across the Rio Grand (1949) - Outlaws attempting to kidnap Steve Blaine from a stagecoach are ran off by the sharpshooting of his sister, Sally (Reno Browne) and rescuers Jimmy Wakely and Cannonball Taylor. Steve is investigating his father's sudden death after charges of theft from the Sloan/Carson mine.

Note 1: Title of movie and star of movie is missing (Title: Across the Rio Grande / Star: Jimmy Wakely)

Note  2: Reno Browne also co-stars in this movie.  Studio that made this movie was Monogram Pictures.


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