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Jimmy Wakely Movie

Jimmy Wakely (1914 - 1982), was an American actor and country Western music vocalist, and one of the last singing cowboys. During the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, he released records, starred in 28 B-Western movies in the mid to late 1940s for Monogram Pictures, appeared on radio and television and even had his own series of comic books. His duet singles with Margaret Whiting from 1949–51 produced a string of top seven hits, including 1949's number one hit on the US country charts and pop music charts, "Slippin' Around." Wakely owned two music publishing companies in later years and performed at the Grand Ole Opry until shortly before his death.

1.  Song of the Range (1944)Jimmy Wakely - This is Jimmy Wakely's first starring film.  Jimmy Wakely, "Lasses" White and Denny Moore find a wallet belonging to Dale Harding and Denny takes it to her at a nearby dude resort. He arrives in time to see Dale lure Bruce Carter to her hotel room where she and Cleve Trevor relieve him of a letter. Carter shoots Trevor and escapes through a window. Denny is accused of the shooting and is rescued by Jimmy and "Lasses." They later find Trevor dying in a deserted cabin. He gives Denny a marshal's badge and a letter for Dale, who is also an undercover U.S.government agent. Dale tells Jimmy that she and Trevor were on the trail of a gang of gold-smugglers. Denny, Jimmy and "Lasses" join forces with Dale and go after the culprits.  [ADDED]

2. Oklahoma Blues (1948) - Jimmy Wakely - State Commissioner Walton is uncertain about making Rainbow's End the new county seat after the Drago brothers, Matt and Slip, hold up his stage and beat up Sheriff Sam Oldring. Jimmy Wakely rides into town unaware that his pal Cannonball has been telling fictitious tales about him as being an outlaw known as the Melody Kid. Jimmy knocks out Slip Drago when he becomes unruly in the restaurant run by Judy Joyce, who refuses to feed Jimmy because she thinks he is the Melody Kid. Untertaker Beasley is the secret head of the outlaw band that terrorizes the territory, so that Yuba will be made the county seat and make him a rich man. Judge Emerson persuades Jimmy to become a deputy after he gets three of the Drago outfit after they wound his friend Sheriff Oldring. About to take the town money to Capital City for a new courthouse, Jimmy is arrested by Beasley's henchman Gabe, posing as a lawman, for an alleged killing in Silver City. Cannonball helps Jimmy escape, and they manage to pin the crimes on Beasley and his gang.   [ADDED]


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