The Return of Chandu















The Return of Chandu Chapters (1934) Chapters 1 thru 12  - Bela Lugosi

The Serial is based on the radio program Chandu the Magician. Bela Lugosi, who played the villain in a previous 1932 movie adaptation of Chandu, here portrays the famed magician himself, better known to friends and family as kindly Frank Chandler.

Frank Chandler is an American raised in the east and possessed of White Magical powers, who calls himself "Chandu". Chandu consults his crystal ball and sees that Nadji, Princess of Egypt, is in danger. She is about to be sacrificed by the black magic cult of Ubasti.   Chandu heads for the magic island of Lemuria, but he is shipwrecked, washed ashore and captured. He becomes invisible, escapes and after numerous detours is able to rescue the princess.


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Chandu the Magician on Radio:

Chandu the Magician was one of the longest running juvenile adventure serials on radio. Magician/Yogi secret agent Chandu (once known as Frank Chandler) had learned eastern magic from the Yogis in India. Now with these supernatural abilities has been entrusted to "go forth with his youth and strength to conquer the evil that threatens mankind." He has the power to teleport, astral project, mesmerize, as well as project illusions.

The 30 minute show ran from 1932 to 1933 with Gaye Whitman and sometimes Howard Hoffman in the title role.

It was revived in 1948 as a 15 minute show with Tom Collins as Chandu.


1.  1932 Radio Episodes

2.  1948 Radio Episodes