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Whip Wilson Movies

Whip Wilson (born Roland Charles Meyers 1911 -1964) was an American cowboy film star of the late 1940s and into the 1950s, known for his roles in B-westerns.  Wilson had been a moderately successful singer before coming to Hollywood. Following Buck Jones's death in the famous Cocoanut Grove fire of 1942, which claimed the lives of 492 people, Monogram Pictures had been searching for someone to replace him. Producer Scott R. Dunlap saw Meyers, and thought he looked similar to Jones. This, apparently, was enough to build him into a cowboy star. Because of the fame being generated by Lash LaRue, who used a bullwhip in his movies, Monogram decided to make Meyers a similar whip-wielding character, rechristening him Whip Wilson.
He did star in 22 B-westerns, more than Lash LaRue, Sunset Carson, Monte Hale, Rex Allen, or Eddie Dean.

Whip Wilson Movie (1949) - Riders of the Dusk with Andy Clyde and Reno Brown
[Movie has been removed from YouTube]
Deputy U.S. Marshal Whip Wilson (Whip Wilson) arrives in Pecostown, Texas to assist Deputy Dunbar (Thornton Edwards) in running down a mysterious raider on a white horse, who has been rustling cattle belonging to Jack Hall (Tristram Coffin) and his chief henchman Brad Bradshaw (Marshal Reed). Whip, after meeting up with his old friend Winks Holliday (Andy Clyde) finds Dunbar murdered. Later, he intercepts rustler Danny Bronson (Lee Roberts), and is beating him him a fight when Danny is rescued by rifle-toting Nora Neal (Reno Browne), whose father is serving a life term for killing the sheriff. The new sheriff, Jim Scott (Myron Healey), fiancee of Nora, arrests Whip for murder and rustling but he escapes with the aid of Winks. Whip reveals to Nora that he is a U.S. Marshal, and she tells him that Hall and Bradshaw robbed her father of his cattle, killed the sheriff and railroaded her father to prison. She also reveals that she and Danny are stealing back the cattle that rightfully belong to her. Whip, Winks and the Sheriff go into action against the Hall gang. 
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