Flash Casey - Crime Photographer


Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask,  FLASHGUN CASEY was the originally fast-talking crime photographer, a big, hot-tempered Boston Mick with a gift for gab and a nose for trouble.  He appeared in 2 novels and 21 short stories.  He also appeared in some movies, a Radio Program (see below) and a TV series.  


1. Flash Casey: Women Are Trouble (1936)  - Stuart Erwin   When Prohibition ends, the mobsters move into the "protection" racket. Those who do not pay are knocked off. Small town reporter Ruth wants a job at the big city paper, but the editor will not hire her. So she looks for a story and sees the murder of Liquor Board Commissioner Eldridge. After she gets the job, she gets the picture of the killer who knocks off Murty, the driver who knocked over Eldridge. Ruth is in the thick of the investigation and one step ahead of Flash Casey (Stuart Erwin). [Added]

2.  Here's Flash Casey (1938) – Eric Linden:

Flash Casey (Eric Linden) is the greatest of all news photographers.  He captures a gang of desperate criminals! 



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