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Jungle Menace Movie Serial

[Deleted from YouTube]
Jungle Menace (1937) Frank Buck  - A Columbia Studios 15 Chapter Serial

Columbia made this exotic jungle serial starring real-life animal collector Frank "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Buck. In the Asian province of Seemang where the Bay of Bengal meets the jungle, Chandler Elliott (John St. Polis) owns a large and prosperous rubber plantation. His attractive daughter, Dorothy (Charlotte Henry), is engaged to neighboring planter Tom Banning (William Bakewell) but troubles are brewing for both plantations. When a load of rubber is put on a riverboat to be taken to port, the boat is attacked by river pirates and the crew is killed and the shipment stolen. Jim Murphy (LeRoy Mason). Elliott's plantation manager, is plotting with others to force Elliott to to sell his plantation. Adventurer Frank Hardy (Frank Buck) determines to find out who is behind the plot.