Holt of the Secret Service



Jack Holt, with his dapper mustache, prominent jaw, and quick-with-his-fists manner, personified rugged masculinity. Holt became Columbia Pictures' most reliable leading man, and scored personal successes in three Frank Capra action dramas, Submarine (1928), Flight (1929), and Dirigible (1931), Holt's no-nonsense characterizations were eclipsed by those of younger, tough-talking actors like James Cagney and Chester Morris, but Holt continued to work in low-budget action features, almost always for Columbia, through 1940.

Jack Holt’s son, Tim Holt, established himself as a B Western Cowboy Star and major supporting roles in A Movies.  Jack Holt's daughter, Jennifer Holt, also enjoyed a successful screen career, mostly in Universal Pictures westerns.


Holt of the Secret Service (1941) – Jack Holt (15 Chapters)

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A murderous gang of counterfeiters has kidnapped John Severn, the U.S. government's best engraver, who is being held against his will and is forced to print virtually undetectable phony cash. The Secret Service sends its toughest agent, Jack Holt, and his female partner Kay Drew (R49) after the gang. Holt and his boss Malloy decide to try to pass Holt off as escaped tough guy, Nick Farrel. Masquerading as Mr. and Mrs. Farrel, Holt and Drew manage to infiltrate the ruthless gang of thugs and the tough talk and action never stops from there. Holt's hunches lead him to the culprits and into trouble on a canoe ride and in an outlaw camp, as the action moves from the gang's hideout in a lost canyon to a gambling ship on the high seas to a small island country where the gang hopes to escape U.S. extradition. The brains heavy is a man named Lucky Arnold, but he hides behind the facade of one of his loyal henchmen, Quist, to shield himself from the Secret Service, and lets another one of his men, Valden, do most of his dirty work. The island nation has its own pocket dictator, who is also trying to rub out our hero. During the 15 episodes, Holt endures numerous brushes with death, emerging from all of them with nary a hair out of place nor a crease in his well-tailored business suit.


Produced by Columbia Pictures Corporation.



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Holt of the Secret Service (1941) – Jack Holt


In this 15 part serial Secret Service agent Jack Holt, along with his partner, agent R49 (Evelyn Brent), are sent to stop a gang of counterfeiters that have kidnapped the government's best engraver and are forcing him to print undetectable fraudulent money.