Battling with Buffalo Bill



Battling with Buffalo Bill (1931) – Tom Tyler & Jim Thorpe


This is a 12 chapter serial of an early western released by Universal Pictures. It stars Tom Tyler in the title role of Buffalo Bill.

The serial was based on the book The Great West That Was by William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, which had also been used as the inspiration for the studio's highly successful 1930 serial The Indians Are Coming.

The plot is a variation on the standard B-Western "Land Grab" plot: Gold has been discovered in the area and gambler Jim Rodney intends to make sole claim to it by pushing the rightful owners off the land and taking it for himself. To do so he has his henchmen kill an Indian woman, provoking attacks from her tribe. This brings Buffalo Bill and the United States Cavalry into the town. Buffalo Bill proceeds to defeat Rodney and his schemes.

Jim Thorpe plays Swift Arrow.  Jim Thorpe was named the greatest athlete of the first half of the twentieth century by the Associated Press (AP) in 1950. He ranked third on the AP list of athletes of the century in 1999.


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