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Adventures of Red Ryder Movie Serial


Adventures of Red Ryder (1940) - Don Barry - 12 Chapter Republic Serial:  [Link Below]
Fred Harmon's popular comic strip and radio hero Red Ryder came to the screen in this above-average Republic 12 Chapter serial directed by the team of William Witney and John English.  

Adventures of Red Ryder - Don Barry
Chap 10 thru 12

Don Barry was cast in the title-role of Red Ryder, a rancher organizing the local land owners in opposition to crooked banker Calvin Drake (Harry Woods) and his chief henchman Ace Hanlon (Noah Beery, Sr.). Tommy Cook plays Little Beaver.  Having learned that the Santa Fe Railroad is planning to build a line through the town of Mesquite, Drake and Hanlon are attempting to buy all the surrounding land by any means possible, including murder.
According to co-director Witney, a staged fire (Chapter 08) went out of control during the filming of this serial, almost burning the sound stage to the ground. 
Although highly praised by reviewers and audiences alike, Don Barry, whom some observers compared favorably to James Cagney, hated the role and balked at playing it again. Consequently, when Republic inaugurated a regular series in 1944, William Elliot played Ryder. But so popular was Barry's original rendition of the role that he would henceforth be known as Don "Red" Barry.


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