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Terry and the Pirates Movie Serial

Terry and the Pirates (1940) - William Tracy
Terry and the Pirates (1940) was a 15 Chapter movie serial released by Columbia. It was based on the comic strip Terry and the Pirates created by Milton Caniff.  Links below

The story opens with young explorer Terry Lee (William Tracy) and his grown-up sidekick, Pat Ryan (Granville Owens), arriving in the Asian jungles in search of his father, the Dr. Herbert Lee, an American archaeologist and leader of a scientific expedition into the wilds to uncover evidence of a lost civilization. Soon Terry discovers his father has been kidnapped by an armed pirate gang known as the Tiger Men. The gang is led by the evil Master Fang (Dick Curtis),  a local warlord who controls half of the natives and holds the white settlers in fear, seeking the riches hidden beneath the Sacred Temple of Mara. In his search, Terry meet the Dragon Lady, who is determined her kingdom shall not be invaded. Attacked by Fang, his henchman Stanton and the Tiger Men, Terry and Pat try valiantly not only to locate the missing Dr. Lee but also uncover the secrets of a lost civilization and the hidden treasure of Mara. After joining forces with Connie, Normandie and the Dragon Lady, our heroes go on to have a myriad of varied adventures in the inhospitable environment.



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