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Gang Busters Serial

Gang Busters (1942) is a Universal 13 Chapter movie serial based on the radio series Gang Busters.  Gang Busters is one of Universal's most elaborate serials, with many chase and thrill scenes expertly staged in outdoor locations.  This is mostly a crime film but contains a small science fiction element. The villains, The League of Murdered Men, are all dead criminals killed and revived by Dr Mortis using his own mysterious poison.

Gang Busters was an American dramatic radio program heralded as "the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories." The show had a 21-year run through November 20, 1957. Beginning with a barrage of loud sound effects – a shrill police whistle, convicts marching in formation, police siren wailing, machine guns firing, and tires squealing – this intrusive introduction led to the popular catchphrase "came on like Gang Busters" – followed by a voice over a megaphone or loudspeaker announcing the title of that night's program: "Tonight, Gangbusters presents the Case of the —" and ending with more blasts from a police whistle.
The series dramatized FBI cases, which producer-director Phillips H. Lord arranged in close association with Bureau director J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover insisted that only closed cases would be used.
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Gang Busters Serial (1942) Universal 13 Chapter Serial - Kent Taylor

Chapter 2

The city is terrorized by a crime wave masterminded by the elusive, soft-spoken Professor Mortis (Ralph Morgan). Police detective Bill Bannister (Kent Taylor), his partner Tim Nolan (Robert Armstrong of King Kong fame), and police chief Martin O'Brien (Joseph Crehan) investigate the activities of Mortis and his gang, and discover that the crimes were all perpetrated by men who had died some time ago. Following the story are reporter Vicki Logan (Irene Hervey) and her photographer Happy Haskins (Richard Davies).  
NOTE: Only 6 Chapters are available at this site.  More may be added at a later time.
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The format of the TV series were action-packed stories on the apprehension of major criminals, taken from actual police and FBI files. The stories were presented in semi-documentary style. There was no continuing cast, but creator and writer Phillips H. Lord narrated each show.

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