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Adventures of Captain Africa Movie Serial

Adventures of Captain Africa (1955) – John Hart – Columbia Studio 15 Chapter Serial.

Captain Africa - Part 1 of 2 (Chapters 1 thru 6)  Chapter 7 missing

Captain Africa - Part 2 of 2 (Chapters 8 thru 15)

This Sam Katzman "production" has the mighty jungle avenger and legendary Captain Africa (John Hart). Pledging to see that the legitimate Arabian caliph, Hamid, is restored to the throne which a tyrannical rival has usurped. He is joined in this enterprise by adventurer Ted Arnold, wild-animal trapper Nat Coleman, and his assistant Omar and, to cover all bases, the Arabian princess Rhoda. This goes on for fifteen chapters as they are beset by guards of the tyrant caliph, desert outlaws, wild beasts of the jungle, and a pair of white adventurers, Boris and Greg, (doing the work of dozens for budgetary reasons) who have a vested interest in keeping the usurper on the throne.

It was conceived and filmed as a sequel to The Phantom (starring Tom Tyler).  Well into production, Columbia found that its film rights to the comic strip had expired. King Features wanted more money than Katzman was willing to spend and negotiations broke down. Hurried retakes and major re-editing followed, with John Hart now wearing an amended costume that only used part of the original Phantom outfit, with the addition of a leather aviator's cap and riding britches.  The new story featured a new hero, Captain Africa, who still bears a strong resemblance to The Phantom in both appearance and behavior.  The serial was filled from front to back with stock footage taken from the Columbia serials "The Phantom-1943" and, primarily, "The Desert Hawk-1944".

Note 1: Contains Spanish Sub-titles 

Note 2: Chapter 7 is missing.