Tom Tyler


Tom Tyler:  1903-1954

Tom Tyler’s original name was Vincent Markowski.  He best represents the more typical Saturday matinee idol of those days long ago. His career sparkled in 1920s silents; was plagued by Poverty Row productions of the 1930s; he toured with circus shows when starring roles were no longer offered; found new life as a serial superhero and western trio member; and wound up playing henchman as the low budget western faded into memory after World War II.

During a lengthy screen career that spanned nearly thirty years, he starred in about 90 westerns and 7 serials, and did bit parts and supporting roles in dozens of other films.  Apparently, he used several screen names including Markowski and Bill Burns when he worked in
Hollywood during the 1920s.  For whatever reason, he settled on a new moniker, and Vincent Markowski became Tom Tyler. 

On major serial Tom Tyler starred in was the 1941, THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL (see below)  This serial represents one of Republic's finest achievements with excellent direction from Bill Witney and John English, astonishing special effects (at least for 1941), and spectacular stuntwork from Dave Sharpe who was doubling Tyler.

=========================Tom Tyler Movie Serial===========================

Phantom of the West - Tom Tyler (1931) is a 10 Chapter Mascot movie serial and the second all-talking serial they produced.

Tom Tyler stars as Jim Lester, trying to prove that Francisco Cortez (Frank Lanning) is innocent of killing his own father. The real villain is the mysterious Phantom and his League of the Lawless.  Francisco Cortez escapes prison after serving fifteen years for the murder of Jim Lester's father.  He proclaims his innocence and lists seven men who may be the real killer, who uses the name "The Phantom".

Other Tom Tyler Serials: 

3.  The Phantom - 1943

==============================Tom Tyler Movies=============================

1.  When a Man Rides Alone (1933) - Tom Tyler:   

The Llano Kid (Tom Tyler) is robbing stages but only taking money from Montana Slade's Cottonwood Mine. He then gives the money to those cheated by Slade. The Sheriff is after him and eventually obtains a picture and displays wanted posters and is soon after him.

2.  Mystery Ranch (1934) - Tom Tyler:  
The famous western fiction writer Bob Morris (Tom Tyler) arrives at the Henderson ranch. He quickly realizes the hanging, runaway horses, and the shootout are fakes for his benefit. But when a real robbery takes place he thinks it's another fake.

3.  The Silver Bullet (1934) - Tom Tyler: 

Tom Henderson (Tom Tyler) is made Sheriff of Chico to fight Slim Walker's gang. Unknown to Tom, banker Luke Hargrave (Charles King) is the gang's real boss. Dad Kane is looking for the man that blinded him whom he can remember by his voice. He finds him when the gang robs the bank and Tom chases them down.

4.  The Laramie Kid (1935) - Tom Tyler: 
When Morley has his own bank robbed, Tom Talbot (Tom Tyler) tries to break it up. Mistaken for one of the gang, he is caught and sentenced to a chain gang. His girlfriend Peggy then sets out to prove his innocence.

5.  Born To Battle (1935) - Tom Tyler:

"Cyclone" Tom Saunders (Tom Tyler) is hired by a ranchers' association manager to investigate recent cattle rustling at one of their ranches and to see if a pair of nesters have anything to do with it.  After discovering the nesters,  Betty Powell (Jean Carmen) and her old father (Earl Dwire), are incapable of rustling, Tom turns his attention to the huge, swaggering bully of a foreman, Nate Lenox (Richard Alexander).

6.  Coyote Trails (1935) - Tom Tyler

Tom Riley (Tom Tyler) and sidekick Windy (Ben Corbett) arrive at the Baker ranch where horses are being rustled. It appears the culprit is a wild horse, but Tom catches and rides the horse which leads to trouble with the real rustlers.

7. Rio Rattler (1935) - Tom Tyler

A dying Marshal gives his identification papers to Tom Denton (Tom Tyler).
After Tom arrives in town, the papers drop and are found during a fight so Tom decides to assume the Marshal's identity. Mason (William Gould), the chief, now sends Rattler (Slim Whitaker), the killer of the Marshal, to also kill Tom. But when he overhears Tom is a fake, they change their plans and now go to arrest Tom for the murder of the Marshal.

8.  Fast Bullets (1936) - Tom Tyler: 

Tom Hilton (Tom Tyler) is after Boss Travis and his mob of gunslingers for the execution of several of his fellow Texas Rangers. Tom captures three of the outlaws and convinces one of them to go straight and help him infiltrate the gang. The plan works smoothly until another of the captured men escapes and identifies Tom as a lawman. Now Travis decides to use him as a decoy to ambush the rangers. Disarmed and on foot, Tom is forced to watch his friends ride into a deadly trap.

Trouble has been reported in Placerville where Tom Barton's (Tom Tyler) brother (Wally West) is the Marshal. Arriving Tom finds a phony Marshal in his brother's place.
Learning that Clark (Al Ferguson) is behind the all the trouble and that he is after the Madison stage line, Tom joins up with Mary Madison (Carol Wyndham) to fight Clark while he also looks for his missing brother.


A man has died leaving a fortune somewhere on his ranch. Brandon and his cohorts think a map is hidden in a picture frame. But when they bid on the picture at the auction, newcomer Jerry Lane (Tom Tyler) outbids them. He also buys the ranch so they place their housekeeper there to get the picture. And then to keep Jerry out of the way, they frame him for murder.

11.  Rip Roarin' Buckaroo (1936) – Tom Tyler:

Tyler, a boxer whose career ends after he loses a fixed fight, winds up with a job as a ranch hand. When his new boss gets involved with a crooked fight promoter, Tyler winds up back in the ring with a chance to vindicate himself.

12.  Roamin' Wild (1936) – Tom Tyler:

Trouble has been reported in Placerville where Tom Barton's brother is the Marshal. Arriving Tom Barton (Tom Tyler)  finds a phony Marshal in his brother's place. Learning that Clark is behind the all the trouble and that he is after the Madison stage line, Tom joins up with Mary Madison to fight Clark while he also looks for his missing brother.

13.  Santa Fe Bound (1936) - Tom Tyler

When Crenshaw (Tom Tyler) kills a bushwhacker he takes his letter of introduction. This letter saves him from hanging when Stanton (Richard Cramer) thinks he is the outlaw he has hired. But Crenshaw is in more trouble when Denton (Charles King) arrives and exposes him as a fake

14.  Brothers of the West (1937) - Tom Tyler
Tom Tyler is a range detective whose brother stands accused of robbing a bank and murdering the bank president. To prove him innocent, Tyler must decipher his only clue, an unusual set of tire tracks.

15.  Lost Ranch (1937) - Tom Tyler

Cattlemen's Protective Association agent Tom Wade (Tom Tyler) and his partner Happy (Howard Bryant) are assigned to look into the disappearance of rancher John Carroll (Lafe McKee), who has been abducted by Carson (Forrest Taylor), who wants to use his out-of-the-way ranch as a base for his smuggling operations.

16.  Trigger Tom (1935) - Tom Tyler - Tom Hunter (Tom Tyler) and Stub Macey are heading to the Jergenson ranch to buy his cattle. But Jeckyl and Sheriff Slater control the cattle market forcing the ranchers to buy at their price and they intend to keep the newcomers out. 


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