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King Of The Texas Rangers Movie Serial

King Of The Texas Rangers (1941) starting  football legend, Sammy Baugh. 
A 12 Chapter Republic Studio Serial.
When Tom King's Texas Ranger father is shot dead by Nazi saboteurs, he (Sammy Baugh) leaves college and joins the Texas Rangers himself. Shortly he is given the mission of avenging his father's death and defeating the foreign agents.
King teams up with Sally Crane, a reporter who witnessed his father's murder, and Mexican officer Pedro Garcia, who shares an interest as the agents are working across the border in both countries.
According to one critic, this serial contains "one of the greatest cliffhangers of all time." King (Baugh) jumps onto a speeding train and gets into the engine cab just as the train enters a tunnel in a mountain. The villains detonate explosives causing a landslide at the other end of the tunnel. In the resolution, Baugh yells "Open that throttle!" and the train shoots out of the tunnel to safety.
Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins (1937 - 1952) was named one of the 4 greatest quarterbacks for the National Football League’s (NFL) 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.  The other 3 quarterbacks are: Otto Graham, Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas.