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Son of Geronimo Movie Serial

[Serial deleted from YouTube]
Son of Geronimo (1952) - Clayton Moore  - 15 Chapter Movie Serial from Columbia Pictures
Serial was made during the production season, 1952-53, when Clayton Moore left "The Lone Ranger" television series and was replaced by John Hart for a year. 
Story has frontier trouble-shooter Jim Scott (Clayton Moore) seeking to put an end to the bloodshed between whites and Indians on the Western frontier. He is aided by Tulsa (Bud Osborne), the boss of a wagon train, and by frontier settlers Frank Baker (Tommy Farrell)  and his sister Ann (Eileen Rowe).  A band of Apaches headed by Porico (Rodd Redwing), son of Geronimo, continually attack the settlers, their wagon trains and a new stage line. In vain Jim seeks a meeting with Geronimo (Chief Yowlachie).  A band of white renegades, led by Ace Devlin (John Crawford) and Rance Rankin (Marshall Reed), manage to worsen the situation.