Four (4) Dick Tracy Serials


The Four Dick Tracy Serials:  See Links below

1. Dick Tracy (1937) - Ralph Byrd

2. Dick Tracy Returns (1938) - Ralph Byrd

3.  Dick Tracy G-Men (1939) - Ralph Byrd

4.  Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc (1941) - Ralph Byrd

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1b. Dick Tracy - All 15 Chapters Combined

The 1937 Dick Tracy movie serial. This is the first of the 4 Dick Tracy serials.

Dick Tracy's foe for this serial is the crime boss, and Masked Mystery Villain, The Spider/The Lame One (both names are used) and his Spider Ring. In the process of various crimes, including using his Flying wing and sound weapon to destroy the BayBridge in San Francisco and stealing an experimental "Speed Plane", the Spider captures Dick Tracy's brother, Gordon. The Spider's minion, Dr Moloch, performs a brain operation on Gordon Tracy to turn him evil, making him secretly part of the Spider Ring and so turning brother against brother.


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A 15 Chapter Republic Serial)  A sequel to the 1937 serial Dick Tracy, with Ralph Byrd reprising his role as the title character. It was successful enough that two further sequels were released, in 1939 (Dick Tracy's G-Men - see # 3 below) and 1941 (Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc ), and Byrd become so connected with the character he went on the play him in a subsequent television series.

Dick Tracy battles spies and saboteurs in his efforts to bring to justice the Stark gang, a criminal family led by the vicious Pa Stark (Charles Middleton)


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International spy, Zarnoff (Irving Pichel) has been employed by "The Three Powers" (the Axis of WW2) to wreck havoc on the United States and at the start of the Serial Zarnoff is captured by Dick Tracy but survives a death sentence with a rare drug saves him from the gas chamber. Zarnoff is then rescued and revived by his men and launches a plot to destroy an industrial canal using an explosive laden remote boat. At chapter's end Tracy finds himself on the boat which soon explodes.

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This is a Republic Movie serial based on the Dick Tracy comic strip. It was directed by the legendary serial team of William Witney and John English with Ralph Byrd reprising his role from the earlier serials. It was the last of the four Dick Tracy serials produced by Republic, although Ralph Byrd went on to portray the character again in two features and on television.
Dick Tracy and his allies find themselves up against a villain known as The Ghost, with the impossible ability of becoming invisible...
Most of the cliffhangers were stock footage from previous Dick Tracy serials. However, the reuse of the highlights of previous Dick Tracy serials actually added to this serial, making it seem like a "best of" compilation.
William Cine wrote that The four Dick Tracy serials were "unexcelled in the action field," adding that "in any listing of serials released after 1930, the four Dick Tracy adventures from Republic must stand out as classics of the suspense detective thrillers, and the models for many others to follow." He goes on to describe Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. as one of the most outstanding of all serials.
Jim Harmon wrote that Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc  was the best of the Dick Tracy serials.

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