The Purple Monster Strikes &
Flying Disc Man From Mars 




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The Purple Monster Strikes Movie Serial

The Purple Monster Strikes (1945) - Dennis Moore and Linda Stirling - 15 Chapter Republic Serial.  

Astronomer Cyrus Layton is working late one night on his new airplane design in his observatory. He witnesses what he believes is a meteorite landing in the far distance. He contacts his niece Sheila (Linda Stirling) and asks her to bring Craig Foster (Dennis Moore) to the observatory to help analyze his discovery. He sets out to search for the meteorite crater but instead discovers a spaceship. The ship's pilot emerges and explains that he is from the planet Mars.  Mistakenly thinking the alien is friendly, Layton takes him back to the observatory. Once there the martian, calling himself "The Purple Monster" (Roy Barcroft), wishes to see Layton's designs for the new airplane/spaceship. He proudly shows the alien the designs until the alien explains that he is stealing the designs, building a spaceship for himself, flying back to Mars and having a fleet built to invade the Earth. When Dr. Layton objects, the martian kills him with a weapon that emits a "carbo-oxide" gas which kills instantly. The alien then transforms into a ghost and takes over Dr Layton's body. This enables him to fool the astronomer's niece Sheila and criminologist Craig Foster, both of whom work with Dr Layton's foundation, which is responsible for commissioning the spaceship project.

This was the last Republic serial with 15-chapters. The remaining serials were either 12 or 13 chapters in length.  The sequel to this serial was the 1950 Flying Disc Man from Mars, which used much of the footage from the original.  See Flying Disc Man from Mars (Below)  


2a.  Flying Disc Man From Mars – 1950 (12 Chapters from Republic Pictures) – Walter Reed

2b.  Another location for--->  Flying Disc Man From Mars     

Flying Disc Man From Mars (1950) - Walter Reed  12 Chapter Republic Serial

Martian invader, Mota, attempts to conquer the Earth as Mars is worried about its use of new atomic technology. They consider that it would be much safer, and beneficial for both Earth and Mars, if the Martians were in charge. Mota, having been shot down by an experimental ray gun, blackmails american scientist, and former Nazi, Dr Bryant into assisting him and hires some criminals to be his henchmen.

Kent Fowler (Walter Reed), the private pilot who shot down Mota with Dr Bryant's ray gun, gets caught up in these events while working security for atomic industrial sites.

This is a sequel to earlier serial The Purple Monster Strikes (see above). The villain Mota reuses the Purple Monster costume from that serial.

Cashing in on the enormous popularity of sci-fi in the late '50s, this serial was re-edited and released as a feature film under the new title Missile Monsters.