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Rod Cameron Movies

Rod Cameron (1910 - 1983) was a Canadian-born movie actor whose career extended from the 1930s to the 1970s. He appeared in horror, war, action and science fiction movies, but is best remembered for his many Westerns.
In 1943, Rod Cameron gained star status in action serials for Republic Pictures. As crime-busting federal agent Rex Bennett, Cameron battled enemy terrorists in 15 weekly episodes of G-Men vs the Black Dragon . He was already working in another serial when audience reaction to Black Dragon made him a hit. Cameron was so popular that the studio turned the new production into another Rex Bennett adventure, Secret Service in Darkest Africa, with Cameron again battling against Axis agents.
When cowboy star Johnny Mack Brown left Universal Pictures for Monogram Pictures, Rod Cameron replaced him as Universal's western series star. Tall and rugged, Cameron looked good in the saddle and was very popular. Universal soon gave him straight character roles in feature films, including Salome, Where She Danced (see below) and River Lady both co-starring fellow Canadian Yvonne DeCarlo.

=======================Rod Cameron Movies===========================
1.  Salome Where She Danced (COLOR - 1945) - Rod Cameron  and Yvonne De Carlo  
Rod Cameron plays Jim Steed, a celebrated war correspondent, who meets Anna Maria , also known as Salome, (Yvonne De Carlo) in Europe.   Anna Maria is the notorious mistress of the King of Prussia and caused a revolution when he gave her the crown jewels.  She and Jim Steed escapes to the American West to an Arizona town which later is re-named as "Salome Where She Danced“.  Hence, the title of the movie.

2.  Belle Starr's Daughter (1948) - George Montgomery, Rod Cameron, Ruth Roman - When Bob "Bitter Creek" Yauntis (Rod Cameron) is accused by Belle Starr (Isabel Jewell), Queen of the outlaws of Cherokee Flats, of disobeying her orders and killing the local Marshal, he is enraged and kills her. He takes charge of the gang. The new Marshal, Tom Jackson (George Montgomery), meets Rose (Ruth Roman), Belles's daughter who thinks Tom is responsible for her mother's death. He sets out to track down the gang and prove his innocence to Rose.

3. Frontier Gal (1945) - Rod Cameron - After eluding a posse, escaped convict Jonathan Hart (Rod Cameron) rides into the town of Red Gulch, where he quickly attracts the attention of the townspeople. When asked what he is doing there, Johnny tells the local magistrate, Judge Prescott, that he is looking for the man who killed his partner. Johnny becomes entangled in a brief barroom fight, then meets saloon keeper Lorena Dumont (Yvonne De Carlo). Because of his romantic interest in the beautiful Lorena, Johnny quickly runs afoul of Blackie, a crook who sees himself as the man in Lorena's life.  [Added]

4.  The Plunderers (1948) - Rod Cameron - Cavalry officer John Drum (Rod Cameron) attempts to track down outlaw Whit Lacey (Forest Tucker), but finds he must join forces with Lacey to fight a Sioux war party.   [Added]

5.  River Lady (1948) - Rod Cameron - The loggers arrive at a mill town on the upper Mississippi drainage; the gambling riverboat is there to meet them, with river queen Sequin (Yvonne De Carlo) who loves logger Dan Corrigan (Rod Cameron) . Sharp businessman Beauvais also wants Sequin, as well as all the sawmill business. To keep Dan near her, Sequin manipulates him into managing the local Morrison Mill.    [Added]

6.  HELL’S OUTPOST (1954) - Rod Cameron - The traditional western conflict over resources is present here in the form of a rich tungsten mine owned by Chill Wills. But it lacks a road in and out and he lacks capital. The bank and county road commission are controlled by John Russell who wants that mine for peanuts. Rod Cameron arrives and befriends Wills, under some false pretenses. Rod's the hero but by no means perfect and that comes in handy in standing up against Russell's tactics. He tangles with Russell immediately upon arrival and Joan Leslie comes between them too. Russell has a variety of clever schemes to thwart the mine's development that Cameron and Wills, who become partners, will have to overcome if they are to succeed.    [Added]

7.  Escapement (1958) – Rod Cameron

Also Known as: The Electronic Monster (1958) Sci-Fi, Rod Cameron, Mary Murphy, Meredith Edwards Escapement (original title).  Jeff Keenan (Rod Cameron), insurance investigator, checks out the car-crash death of film star Clark Denver in the south of France. He learns that Denver, and two other victims of recent suspicious deaths, all knew the lovely Verna Berteaux...and all had been patients at a private psychiatric clinic, being treated by electronically induced dream therapy. But the deaths are only a byproduct of a sinister plot; and Zakon, owner of the clinic, is due to marry Jeff's old flame Ruth.   It was based on the novel Escapement by Charles Eric Maine.   [Added]

8. South West Passage (1955) - Rod CameronEdward Beale (Rod Cameron) is in charge of finding a shorter trail across the American desert and to also test the practicality of using camels in the west in this western. (An actual test once conducted in the Big Bend area of Texas.) Clint MacDoanld, a bank robber one jump ahead of a posse, joins the caravan by posing as a doctor. His sweetheart, Lilly, also comes along and signs on. There is a whole lot of footage of the grueling trek across the desert, but it begins to move when mule-skinner Matt Carroll becomes aware of MacDonald's true profession and he wants the gold from the bank robbery. The Apaches have shied away from attacking the train, because of their fear of the camels, but a camel dies and the jig is up as they lose their fear and here they come.   [Added]

9.  Renegades of the Rio Grande (1945) – Rod Cameron - Buck Emerson (Rod Cameron) was trying to return the loot from a robbery and finds hmself suspected of the crime.  

Note: Contains Portuguese Subtitles.  Portuguese Title is: Os Desprezados.  No opening credits. 


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