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Son of the Guardsman Movie Serial

Son of the Guardsman - Robert Shaw (1946) - 15 Movie Chapter Serial from Columbia Pictures
Son of the Guardsman is a rare serial with a period setting, in this case 12th century England. The serial is largely based on the Robin Hood legends, to the extent of including outlaws from Sherwood Forest, but it does not include or reference Robin Hood himself.  Sir Richard Bullard conspires to conquer England. In doing so, he kidnaps the daughter of his rival, Lord Markham. This causes his nephew, David Trent (Robert Shaw), to turn against him and join the outlaws in Sherwood Forest, who led by Allan Hawk (Jim Diehl).  Meanwhile, the outlaws of the forest support the usurped Prince Richard as the rightful ruler of England, who has been usurped by the regent Lord Hampton.