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Deadwood Dick Movie Serial

[Serial Deleted from You Tube]
Deadwood Dick Serial separate chapters

Deadwood Dick (1940) - Don Douglas - 15 Chapter Columbia Serial
Deadwood Dick (Don Douglas), a masked and mysterious hero, is in a reality Dick Stanley, editor of the Dakota Pioneer Press and a leading member of the Statehood For Dakota. He is on the trail of a masked villain known as the Skull, who leads a violent, renegade band which is infamous for its violence against the Deadwood residents wishes for a statehood status. Our hero soon discovers that the Skull terrorizes the town to prevent statehood being achieved, in order to build his own empire in the vast territory. But Dick suspects that one of his fellow committeemen might be responsible for the string of criminal acts. It takes him fifteen episodes and about forty choreographed slugfests to finally uncover the truth and reward the Skull's villainy with an exemplary punishment.