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Federal Operator 99 Movie Serial

Federal Operator 99 - Marten Lamont (1945)- 12 Chapter Movie Serial from Republic Pictures
Crime lord Jim Belmont (George J. Lewis) escapes FBI custody and begins a reign of thievery that is thwarted at every turn by Jerry Blake (Marten Lamont), the FBI's Operator 99 who is a secret service agent. 
Jerry Blake (Marten Lamont) is especially good in portraying his character's urgency and experience, as well as his increasing frustration at being unable to bring arch-villain Jim Belmont to bay. He comes across as equally adept at fighting (thanks to his stunt double, Dale Van Sickel) and the arts of deduction and disguise.  Marten Lamont was a stunt-man before he became an actor.   
The villain of the serial, George J. Lewis gives the performance of his career as Jim Belmont, who plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on his piano in between the planning and executing of his brilliant crimes. 
The serial benefited from fine second-unit direction of action scenes by the legendary Yakima Canutt.
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