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Don “Red” Barry Movies

Don “Red” Barry (1912 - 1980) - A college football star, Donald Barry went from the stage to the screen. After four years of playing villains and henchmen at various studios, Barry got the role that changed his image: Red Ryder in the Republic Pictures serial Adventures of Red Ryder (1940).  [See All 12 Chapters of the serial below] Although he had appeared in westerns for two years or so, this was the one that kept him there. He acquired the nickname "Red" from his association with the Red Ryder character. After the success of "Red Ryder" Barry starred in a string of westerns for Republic. Studio chief Herbert J. Yates got the idea that Barry could be Republic's version of James Cagney, as he was short and had the same scrappy, feisty nature that Cagney had. 
Barry made a series of westerns at Republic throughout the 1940s.   The Barry western series kicked off in 1940 and ran for 29 films, concluding in 1944. The heroine in sixteen was pretty blonde Lynn Merrick. Many of the Barry westerns were rock solid and exciting. But by the 1950s, Barry was a supporting actor instead of playing leads in westerns.

1.  Adventures of Red Ryder (1940) Movie Serial from Republic Studio - Don “Red” Barry (12 Chapters)

2.  Jesse James' Women (1954) [Color] - Don “Red” Barry:  Jesse James (Don Barry) proves irresistible to women in a Mississippi town....this spells trouble. 

4.  Train to Tombstone (1950) - Len Howard (Don Barry) has been sent to protect a large gold shipment that is on a train traveling from Albuquerque to Tombstone. First, he passes out guns so the passengers can fight off an Indian attack. Then when a gang dressed as Indians attack, he helps fight them off and identifies their leader who is one of the passengers.   [Added]