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Hop Harrigan Movie Serial


Hop Harrigan first appeared in All American Comics #1 in 1939 as one of the first successful aviation heroes in comic history.  Soon after the movie serial, Hop Harrigan as well as other comic series from All-American Comics were purchased by DC Comics, a publisher that had close relations to All-American Publications ever since it debuted.  DC Comics continued to publish the Hop comics in All-American Comics until the 99th issue in 1948, when the aviation adventure genre was abandoned in favor of a Western theme. 
Hop Harrigan also had a radio program from 1942 to 1948.

Hop Harrigan - William Bakewell  (1946) - A 15 Chapter Columbia film serial, based on the Hop Harrigan Comic Books and Radio Series.
Hop Harrigan (William Bakewell) and his pal "Tank" Tinker (Getchell) operate a small airport and flying service where they are hired by J. Westly Arnold (Vogan) to fly scientist, Dr. Tabor (Merton), to his secret laboratory where he has a revolutionary new power unit. But an unknown character known as The Chief Pilot (Oakman) is interested in the invention and uses a destructive ray to cripple Hop's airplane and kidnap Tabor. Hop and "Tank", aided by Gail Nolan (Jennifer Holt) and her younger brother, Jackie (Robert 'Buzz' Henry), finally overcome the criminals only find a bigger threat to them all within their group... 


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On radio, Hop Harrigan aired from 1942 to 1948.   The opening to the radio series was as follows:

"CX4 to Control.....CX4 to Control......This is Hop Harrigan....coming in" to the roar of a prop fighter plane. From the control tower: "Control Tower to CX4: Wind southeast. Ceiling 1200. All clear."