The Lost City


The Lost City  (12 Episodes) – Kane Richmond & William “Stage” Boyd (Episodes are separate)


The Lost City - 12 Chapters Combined


Scientist Bruce Gordon (Kane Richmond) comes to a secluded area in Africa after realizing that a series of electrically induced natural disasters had been detected in the area. There he finds Dr. Zolock (William “Stage” Boyd), last of the Lemurians, in a secret complex under a mountain. 

Zolock had created the natural disasters as a prelude to his attempt to take over the world, holding a brilliant scientist, Dr. Manyus, there hostage with his daughter. He had also forced Manyus to create mindless "giant" slaves out of the natives as a private army. As the serial progresses, we learn Manyus also turned another tribe, the spider-worshipping Wangas, into white burly haired midgets. The heroes escape Zolock, encounter the slave trading Queen Rama, and survive many harrowing adventures before returning to the Lost City and stopping Zolok's plan.

George 'Gabby' Hayes plays a character called Butterfield.

NOTE:  William “Stage” Boyd is not the actor William Boyd who played Hopalong Cassidy in the movies.


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