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Overland Mail Movie Serial

Overland Mail - Lon Chaney Jr (1942) - 15 Movie Serial from Universal Pictures  
Government agents Jim Lane (Lon Chaney) and Sierra Pete (Noah Beery Jr.) are sent to investigate the breakdown of the U.S. Mail delivery in the La Paz country, which is carried by the Overland Company operated by Tom Gilbert (Tom Chatterton) and his daughter Barbara (Helen Parrish). Aided by their friend, Buckskin Bill Burke (Don Terry), they discover that Frank Chadwick  (Noah Beery), using white renegades disguised as Indians, is behind the trouble as he wants the mail franchise owned by Gilbert's stage line.
Action fans will not be disappointed as the story unfolds through 15 cliff-hanging chapters with plenty of gun play, fistfights, stampedes, prairie fires, double-dealing, betrayal and everything else one could want in a western serial.  
Noah Beery Sr. has a wonderful role opposite his son (Noah Beery Jr).
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