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The B movie is a low-budget genre film designed to play before a main feature (the A movie).Although the U.S production of movies intended as second features largely ceased by the end of the 1950s, the term B movie continues to be used in a broader sense, referring to any low-budget, commercial motion.

In either usage, most B movies represent a particular genre—the Western was a Golden Age B movie staple, while low-budget science-fiction and horror films became more popular in the 1950s. Early B movies were often part of series in which the star repeatedly played the same character. Almost always shorter than the top-billed films they were paired with, many had running times of 70 minutes or less.

About half of the films produced by the eight (8) major Studios (MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, RKO, United Artists, Columbia, and Universal) in the 1930s and 1940s were B movies.

Over 75% of the movies made by the so-called “poverty row” studios (Grand National, Republic, and Monogram) in the 1930’s and 1940’s were B movies.

Text from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-movie and http://www.b-westerns.com/


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                        15 Shirley Temple movies added      10 Alan Ladd movies added    3 Baseball Movies added (5a)

                        3 Lassie Movies added (2e.)  Wrestling movie added (5b)   Cisco Kid,   Roy Rogers,  George O'Brien
                       John Wayne, 4 Hopalong Cassidy Movies, 5 Gene Autry Movies, 4 George Montgomery movies
                       2 Durango Kid Movies,  2 Cisco Kid (Cesar Romero ) Movies,  2 Alan Ladd Movies, 2 Hoppy Movies
                       3 Ellery Queen Movies,  1 Durango Kid added                     
                      20 New Movies added in Westerns # 46 - Minor B Western Cowboy Leading Men, 
 1 The Lone Rider Movie,   
                     13 Charlie Chan Movies Added,  Red Ryder, Harry Carey, Ken Maynard, Bob Steele, Buffalo Bill Jr., Rod Cameron  Movies Added
                     George Montgomery, Rod Cameron Movie added,  5 Mr. Moto Movies added, Whip Wilson movie (# 42) added, 
                     George Montgomery Movie Added,  2 Allan Rocky Lane Movies Added,  Hopalong Cassidy Movie Added, 
                     Allan Rocky Lane Movie Added,  Wild Bill Elliott Movie added,  
                     Tailspin Tommy in Mystery Plane and Tailspin Tommy in Stunt Pilot added,  Sunset in the West (1950) [Color]with Roy Rogers added
                     Cowboy and the Indians with Gene Autry added,   2 Lone Rider Moves added,   2 Eddie Dean movies added, 
                     2 John Wayne movies added: The Big Trail and The Spoilers,  3 Durango Movies added, Roy Rogers Movie added,
                     5 Hopalong Cassidy Movies Added,  The Flying Serpent - George Zucco [Under 6a - Horror Movies]
                     1 Tim Holt movie added,  1 Sunset Carson movie added, 2 Hopalong Cassidy movies added, 1 Tom Mix movie added,
                     3 Tim Holt Movies Added,  1 Allan Rocky Lane movie added,  Wild Bill Elliott Movie added, 2 Hopalong Cassidy Movies Added
                     John Wayne Movie added, George O'Brien Movie added,   1 Wild Bill Elliott Movie added,  4 Rod Cameron Movies added, 
                     Johnny Mack Brown Movie added,  3 Wild Bill Elliott Movies added,  Rex Allen Movie added, Rod Cameron Movie added, 
                     2 Johnny Mack Brown movies added,   2 Hopalong Cassidy movies added,  1 Rocky Lane Movie added, 1 Durango Kid Movie added
                     2 Bill Elliott Movies added,  1 Rod Cameron Movie added,  2 Hoppy Movies added, Tex Ritter added,  10 short Tom Mix movies added
                     Jimmy Wakely Movie added (see # 40 Under Westerns),  Don "Red" Barry movie added,  Hopalong Cassidy movie added
                    3  Allan Rocky Lane Movies added, 3 more Allan Rocky Lane movies added,   4 Alan Ladd Movies added, 
                    5 Hopalong Cassidy movies added, 1 Allan Rocky Lane movie added, Joel McCrea added  under # 45. Misc Westerns 

2.  SERIALS: [at the bottom of this link]

    • The Last of the Mohicans - Harry Carey  .  The 3 Serials of John Wayne (#11)
    •  Daredevils of the Red Circle - Charles Quigley & Herman Brix 
    • Mysterious Island - Richard Crane   
    • The Vanishing Shadow - Onslow Stevens  .  Panther Girl of the Kongo - Phyllis Coates 
    • Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders - Bill Henry  
    • The Black Widow - Bruce Edwards
    • King of the Forest Rangers - Larry Thompson   .  G Men Never Forget - Clayton Moore 
    • The Purple Monster Strikes - Dennis Moore and Linda Stirling  
    • Deadwood Dick  - Don Douglas    .  Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere - Judd Holdren
    • The Lost Special - Frank Albertson and Ernie Nevers  .  The Spider Returns - Warren Hall (# 103)
    • Ghost of Zorro - Clayton Moore  *  King of the Royal Mounted - Allan Lane (# 63)
    • Congo Bill - Don McGuire   * Jungle Girl  - Frances Gifford (# 69)
    • Flying G Men - Robert Paige   * The Vigilante - Ralph Byrd
    • Radar Patrol vs. Spy King - Kirk Alyn   * Darkest Africa - Clyde Beatty 
    • Tim Tyler’s Luck - Frankie Thomas   *  Custer’s Last Stand - Rex Lease
    • The Call of the Savage - Noah Beery Jr.   * Gordon of Ghost City - Buck Jones  
    • Heroes of the West - Noah Beery Jr.    *  Jungle Menace - Frank Buck  
    • Oregon Trail - Johnny Mack Brown   *  The Adventures Of Frank & Jesse James - Clayton Moore 
    • King Of The Texas Rangers - Sammy Baugh  *  Black Arrow - Robert Scott 
    • Red Rider - Buck Jones   *  James Brothers of Missouri  - Keith Richards   
    • The Adventures of Frank Merriwell - Don Briggs  *  Young Eagles - Bobby Cox 
    • Jack Armstrong - John Hart    *  Hop Harrigan - William Bakewell  
    • Tailspin Tommy and the Great Air Mystery - Clark Williams    * Desperadoes of the West – Tom Keene (now billed as Richard Powers)
    • The Phantom Rider - Robert Kent   *  The Invisible Monster – Richard Webb
    • Drums of Fu Manchu – Henry Brandon    *  The Desert Hawk– Gilbert Roland
    • Roar of The Iron Horse – Jock Mahoney   *  

      Don Daredevil Rides Again – Ken Curtis
    • Daughter of Don Q - Kirk Alyn   *  Government Agents vs The Phantom Legion – Walter Reed 
    • Federal Agents vs Underworld Inc.– Kirk Alyn    *  

      Adventures of Captain Africa – John Hart
    • Adventures of Sir Galahad– George Reeves  *  Son of Zorro – George Turner
    • The Last of the Mohicans – Harry Carey   *  The Wolf Dog - Rin Tin Tin Jr

The Western was by far the predominant B genre in both the 1930s and 1940s.B-Western Film Star Biographies in this web site come from http://www.b-westerns.com/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-movie

Westerns included in this web site are:

1.  Rex Allen

2. Gene Autry

3. Don "Red" Barry

4.  Johnny Mack Brown

5.  Rod Cameron


8. Hopalong Cassidy

9. Buster Crabbe

10. The Cisco Kid - Cesar Romero,  Gilbert Roland,  Duncan Relando, Warner Baxter  

11a.  Eddie Dean and Lash LaRue

11b.  Durango Kid

12.  Wild Bill Elliott

13.  Hoot Gibson

14.  Tim Holt

15.  Allan Rocky Lane

16.  The Lone Ranger

17. The Lone Rider (George Houston) and Robert Livingston

18. Herb Jeffrey - The Bronze Buckaroo

19. Buck Jones

20a.  Lash LaRue

20b.  Alan Ladd  [NEW]

21. Ken Maynard

22. Tim McCoy

23.  Tom Mix

24.  Clayton Moore  (actor who played The Lone Ranger on TV)

25.  George Montgomery   [NEW]

27. George O’Brien

28.  Dorothy Page (The Singing Cowgirl)

29.  Jack Randall

30. Rex The Wonder Horse and Rin Tin Tin

31. Tex Ritter

32. Roy Rogers

33.  Red Ryder [Wild Bill Elliott, Allen Rocky Lane]

34.. Randolph Scott

35. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted (James Newill)

36.  Charles Starrett - Durango Kid

37 .Bob Steele

38  Tom Tyler

39. Three Mesquiteers  [Also Range Busters, Texas Rangers and Rough Riders]

40. Jimmy Wakely  [NEW]

41.  John Wayne

42. Whip Wilson  [NEW]

43. Zane Grey’s Westerns

44. Westerns in COLOR45

45.  Misc Westerns:  Joel McCrea, Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, Randolph Scott, Rex Bell]

46. Zorro

47. Minor B Western Cowboy Leading Men  {Includes::  Gene Austin, Rex Bell, Bill Cody, Bob Custer, Tex Fletcher, Dick Foran, Jack Hoxie, Tom Keene, Fred Kohler Jr., Rex Lease, Kermit Maynard, Lee Powell, Reb Russell, Fred Scott, Guin "Big Boy" Williams, Jack Parrin, Wally Wales, Smith Ballew, Art Mix, Lane Chandler, Dennis Moore, Jay Wilsey aka Buffalo Bill Jr., Buddy Roosevelt,  Bill 'Cowboy Rambler' Boyd,}


Series of various genres, featuring recurrent, title-worthy characters or name actors in familiar roles, were particularly popular during the first decade of sound film. Series films are often unquestioningly consigned to the B movie category, but even here there is ambiguity: at MGM, for example, popular series like the Andy Hardy chronicles had leading stars and budgets that would have been A-level at some of the lesser majors. The genres include Crime, Detective, Action, Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction, etc

Crime, Detective included in this web site are:

        1.  Agatha Christie (movies based on her novels)
        2.  Bulldog Drummond

        3.  Charlie Chan

          4.  Dick Tracy

        5.  Ellery Queen

          6.  Mr. Moto

          7.  Nancy Drew

          8.  Philo Vance

          9.  The Shadow

          10.  Sherlock Holmes

          11. Mr. Wong

         12.  Alfred Hitchcock Movies

         13.  The Fat Man

         14.  The Falcon

         16.  The Saint

         17.  Boston Blackie

Comedy, Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Sports, Horror included in this web site are:

1a.Comedy: Amos ‘n Andy

1b.Comedy: Lil’ Abner & Joe Palooka

1c.Comedy: Bob Hope

1d.Comedy: Cary Grant

1e.Comedy: Mickey Rooney – Andy Hardy

1f. Comedy: Shirley Temple  [NEW]

1g. Comedy: Abbott and Costello

2a.Action: Buster Crabbe

2b.Action: Tailspin Tommy

2c.Action: Tarzan  (starring Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett)   & Buster Crabbe)

2d. Action: The Lost Jungle - Clyde Beatty And Other Jungle Movies  [NEW]

2e. Action:  Lassie Movies  [NEW]

3a.Drama: Dr Christian

3b.Drama: Dr. Kildare

4a.Sci Fi: Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon (starrring Buster Crabbe)

4b.Sci Fi: The Last Man on Earth – Vincent Price

4c. Sci Fi: First Spaceship on Venus

4d. Sci Fi: Frozen Alive

4e. Sci Fi: They Came From Beyond Space

4f. Sci Fi: Other Science Fiction Movies

5a. Sports: Baseball - Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Ty Cobb, Etc.  [NEW]

5b. Sports: Boxing and Wrestling  [Revised]

5c. Sports: Horse Racing

5d. Sports: Auto Racing

6a. Horror Movies  (includes the 1931 Frankenstein)

6b. Bela Lugosi Horror Movies  (includes the 1931 Dracula)


B-Musicals - Musicals by The Years:

Like the B-Westerns, costume dramas, and crime films with which they shared the assembly line,  B Musicals were a training ground for on-camera and behind-the-camera talent whose careers would outlast poverty row.

The B Musical was a kind of escapist cinema to exist next to the more realistic ones.  The 30’s and 40’s and 50’s weren’t better than today. There was depression and wars. But people still went to see Musicals (and a lot of other movies), to dream in the dark for two hours. It was a period very different than our overly analytical, criticism-filled world.  Throughout the 1930s, through World War II, and up until the Supreme Court forced Hollywood studios to divest themselves of their theater chains in the late '40s, cheaply made B Musicals were a regular part of every B-movie production slate.

Yet these B Musicals are perhaps the least known genre relics of Hollywood's golden age. Local repertory

screens, DVD and Turner Classic Movie showings have kept the A Musical at center stage for decades.

This Web Site is one of the few places to see the B Musicals.  Go back in time and enjoy what your grandparents and parents were watching. 


These are short Chapter, cliff-hanger-structured serials that sometimes appeared on the same program as B Movies. These Serials were intended to attract young people.

Serials (Cliff-hangers) included in this web site are:

1.Ace Drummond - John King

2a.  King of the Rocket Men - Tristram Coffin

2bCommando Cody - Rader Men from the Moon - George Wallace

2c.  Zombies of the Stratosphere - Jud Holdren   

2d. Commando Cody - Sky Marshall of the Universe - Judd Holdren

3Dick Tracy Serials - Ralph Byrd:<--Click here for all 4 Serials

  3a. Dick Tracy - Ralph Byrd (1st serial) 

  3b. Dick Tracy Returns - Ralph Byrd (2nd Serial)

  3c. Dick Tracy's G-Men - Ralph Byrd  (3rd Serial)

  3d. Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc - Ralph Byrd (4th Serial)

4aFlash Gordon - Buster Crabbe  (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Serials)

4b. Buck Roger Serial - Buster Crabbe

5a.  The Lone Ranger - Lee Powell  (1938)  (1st Lone Ranger Serial)

5b.The Lone Ranger Rides Again - Bob Livingston   (The 1939 Republic Serial - 2nd Lone Ranger Serial)

6. Phantom Empire – Gene Autry

7Smilin’ Jack - Tom Brown

8Undersea Kingdom - Ray "Crash" Corrigan

9Zorro’s Fighting Legion - Reed Hadley

10. The Return of Chandu - Bela Lugosi

11. All 3 John Wayne Movie Serials:<--Click here for all 3 Serials

      a. Hurricane Express

      b. Shadow of the Eagle 

     c.  The Three Musketeers - The French Foreign Legion Serial

12. Battling with Buffalo Bill – Tom Tyler

13The Lost City - Kane Richmond

14. Flying Disc Man From Mars - Walter Reed

15. Great Alaskan Mystery - Milburn Stone

16. Whispering Shadow - Bela Lugosi

17. Burn Em' Up Barnes - Jack Mulhall

18.  Holt of the Secret Service – Jack Holt

19.  The Green Hornet - Gordon Jones

20. The Green Hornet Strikes Again - Warren Hull

21.  Zorro's Black Whip - George J. Lewis and Linda Stirling

22.  Zorro Rides Again - John Carroll  [Go to number 3 of this link]

23.  Mystery Squadron - Bob Steele

24.  Phantom Creeps - Bela Lugosi  [Go to number 6 of this link]

25.  The Clutching Hand - Jack Mulhall as Craig Kennedy [Go to the bottom of this link]

26.  Don Winslow of the Navy - Don Terry

27. Don Winslow of the Coast Guard - Don Terry

28.  Shadow of Chinatown - Bela Lugosi  [Go to number 6 or this link]

29.  Captain America - Dick Purcell  [Go to the bottom of this link]

30.  The Phantom - Tom Tyler  [15 Chapters based on the Lee Falk Comic Strip]

31.  Manhunt of Mystery Island - Richard Bailey

32.  Green Archer - Victor Jory  [Go to Bottom of this link] Based on the Edgar Wallace Novel

33.  S O S Coast Guard - Ralph Byrd and Bela Lugosi

34a.  The Fighting Devil Dogs - Lee Powell   

34b.  Fighting Marines - Grant Withers

35.  Junior G-Men - The Dead End Kids  [also see # 46 below]

36.  Painted Stallion (1937) - Ray Corrigan and Hoot Gibson

37a.  The Adventures of Rex and Rinty (1935) - Rin-Tin-Tin Jr. and Kane Richmond

37b. The Lone Defender - Rin Tin Tin

37c. The Lightning Warrior - Rin Tin Tin 

38.  Captain Marvel (1941) - Tom Tyler

39a.  Batman  (1943) - Lewis Wilson

39b.  Batman and Robin (1949) -  Robert Lowery  

40a.  Superman (1948) - Kirk Alyn
40b. Atom Man vs Superman (1950) - Kirk Alyn 

41.  Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (1936) - Mala

42.  The Vigilantes Are Coming (1936) - Robert Livingston

43.  Flaming Frontiers (1938) - Johnny Mack Brown  (go to last movie in this link)

44. Jungle Jim (1937) - Grant Withers   [go to # 4]

45.  Riders of Death Valley (1941) - Dick Foran and Buck Jones

46.  Sea Raiders (1941) - The Dead End Kids

47.  Secret Agent X-9 -  Lloyd Bridges 

48.  The New Adventures of Tarzan - Herman Brix (Bruce Bennett) [go to # 4]

49.  Captain Midnight - Dave O'Brien

50.  Brick Bradford - Kane Richmond 

51. The Lost Planet - Jedd Holdren  [go to # 8]

52.  The Crimson Ghost - Charles Quigley

53.  The Law of the Wild - Rex the Wonder Horse, Rin-Tin-Tin Jr., Bob Custer

54.  The Shadow - Victor Jory  [go to # 5]

55.  Winners of the West - Dick Foran  [go to # 9]

56.  The Tiger Woman - Allan Lane and Linda Stirling

57.  Darkest Africa - Clyde Beatty  [Republic Pictures first Serial]

58. The Miracle Rider - Tom Mix

59.  Fighting with Kit Carson - Johnny Mack Brown

61.  Spy Smasher - Kane Richmond 

62.  Mandrake the Magician - Warren Hull

63a.  King of the Royal Mounted - Allan Lane 
           63b.  King of the Mounties - Allan Lane
          64.  Gang Busters - Kent Taylor

          67.  Jungle Queen - Edward Norris  

          68.  Blackhawk - Kirk Alyn   

          69aJungle Girl  - Frances Gifford

          69b.  Nyoka and the Tigermen - Kay Aldridge and Clayton Moore  

          70.  Terry and the Pirates - William Tracy

          71.  The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok - Bill Elliott 

          72.  Overland with Kit Carson - Bill Elliott 

          73.  Mystery Mountain - Ken Maynard 

          74.  Galloping Ghost - Howard “Red” Grange 

          75.  Phantom of the West - Tom Tyler

          76.  The Monster and the Ape - Robert Lowery 

          77.  Valley of Vanishing Men - Bill Elliott 

          78.  Sea Hound - Buster Crabbe 

          79.  Sky Raiders - Donald Woods  

          80.  Iron Claw - Charles Quigley  

          81.  Phantom of the Air - Tom Tyler

          82.  G-Men of the Air - Billy Halop and The Dead End Kids

          83.  Federal Operator 99 - Marten Lamont 

          84.  The Lost Jungle - Clyde Beatty  

         85.  Adventures of the Flying Cadets - Johnny Downs 

         86.  Queen of the Jungle - Mary Kornman 

         87.  Who’s Guilty? - Robert Kent 

         89.  The Mystery of the Riverboat - Robert Lowery     

         90.  Son of the Guardsman - Robert Shaw 

         91.  Pirates of the High Sea - Buster Crabbe  

         92.  The Secret Code - Paul Kelly 

         93.  Roar of the Iron Horse - Jock Mahoney 

         95.  Overland Mail - Lon Chaney Jr 

         96.  Son of Geronimo - Clayton Moore 

         97.  Scouts to the Rescue - Jackie Cooper 

         98.  The Devil Horse - Harry Carey

         99.  Tarzan the Tiger - Frank Merrill  [go to # 2]

          100.  Haunted HarborKane Richmond   [also known as Pirates' Harbor]
          101.  The Masked Marvel - William Forrest   

          102.  Mysterious Doctor Satan  -  Robert Wilcox

          103a.  The Spider's Web  - Warren Hull 

          103b.  The Spider Returns - Warren Hall 

          104.  The Master Key - Milburn Stone 

          105.  Adventures of Red Ryder - Don Barry

          106.  King of the Wild - Walter Miller

        107. The Last of the Mohicans - Harry Carey

        108.  Daredevils of the Red Circle - Charles Quigley & Herman Brix 
        109.  Mysterious Island - Richard Crane
        110.  The Vanishing Shadow - Onslow Stevens [go to # 3]    
           111.  Panther Girl of the Kongo - Phyllis Coates 

        112.  Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders - Bill Henry  

        113.  The Black Widow - Bruce Edwards

        115.  G Men Never Forget - Clayton Moore 
        116.  The Purple Monster Strikes - Dennis Moore and Linda Stirling       
        117.  Deadwood Dick  - Don Douglas 

        118.  Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere - Judd Holdren

        119.  The Lost Special - Frank Albertson and Ernie Nevers

        120.  Ghost of Zorro - Clayton Moore 

        121.  Congo Bill - Don McGuire
        122.  Flying G Men - Robert Paige  

        123. The Vigilante - Ralph Byrd
        124. Radar Patrol vs. Spy King - Kirk Alyn  

        125. Darkest Africa - Clyde Beatty 

        126.  Tim Tyler's Luck - Frankie Thomas  

        127.  Custer’s Last Stand - Rex Lease

        128.  The Call of the Savage - Noah Beery Jr.
       129.  Gordon of Ghost City - Buck Jones  

       130.  Heroes of the West - Noah Beery Jr. 

       131.  Jungle Menace - Frank Buck  

       132.  Oregon Trail - Johnny Mack Brown

        133.  The Adventures Of Frank & Jesse James - Clayton Moore

        134.  King Of The Texas Rangers - Sammy Baugh

        135.  Black Arrow - Robert Scott   

        136.  Red Rider - Buck Jones  

        137.  James Brothers of Missouri - Keith Richards 

        138.  The Adventures of Frank Merriwell  - Don Briggs

        139.  Young Eagles - Bobby Cox 

        140.  Jack Armstrong - John Hart 

        141.  Hop Harrigan - William Bakewell  

        142.  Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery - Clark Williams

        143.  Desperadoes of the West – Tom Keene (now billed as Richard Powers)

        144.  The Phantom Rider - Robert Kent

        145.  The Invisible Monster – Richard Webb

        146.  Drums of Fu Manchu – Henry Brandon

        147.  The Desert Hawk– Gilbert Roland

        148.  Roar of The Iron Horse – Jock Mahoney 

           149.  Don Daredevil Rides Again – Ken Curtis

        150.  Daughter of Don Q - Kirk Alyn

        151.  Government Agents vs The Phantom Legion – Walter Reed

        152.  Federal Agents vs Underworld Inc.– Kirk Alyn

        153.  Adventures of Captain Africa – John Hart 

        154.  Adventures of Sir Galahad – George Reeves (Who later played Superman on TV)

        155.  White Eagle - Buck Jones

        156.  Son of Zorro – George Turner

        157.  Last of the Mohicans - Harry Carry
        158.  The Wolf Dog - Rin Tin Tin Jr 


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