2009.11.24 The Show Trial

The flyer by Jon Gold superimposing the blood-curdling physiognomy of the former Vice-President of Sneers on the hirsute torso of Shake Mohammed is cute, and may get some laughs, but it may also get some people arrested. As Paul Craig Roberts, who has more cajones (bolls) than a whole truckload of "truthers," has eloquently pointed out, this is indeed a show trial, and rather than allowing themselves to become part of the show, which is what will happen if they parade around with Funny Flyers and strident chants of "Inside job!" aimed at nobody in particular, "truthers" should take concerted and responsible action. For example, why not distribute a flyer summarizing the lack of evidence that ANY hijackers were on board the planes, as David Griffin and Elias Davidsson have argued? How can the man be tried for "masterminding" a crime the actual perpetrators of which, even if they were alive (as some of them have been reported to be), could not be found guilty on the basis of the evidence the US government has so far presented?

Now is the time for the leaders of the "truth movement," including Jon Gold and his incognito colleagues and cheerleaders at 911blogger.com (e.g., "Reprehensor," "Arabesque," "George Washington"), to come out of the woodwork and present the evidence, rather, the lack of it, that in any reasonable trial would exonerate KSM rather than use him, as Roberts says, "to complete the corruption of the American court system." This is precisely the opportunity for a "new investigation" that the "reputable" (read "conservative") "9/11 truth" organizations have been demanding for years. I hope to see the management and staffs of 911blogger.com, 911truth.org, 911Research.com and stj911.org, as well as their members and supporters, and not just the kids from WeAreChange, out in force when that kangaroo court convenes in New York.

But I don't think that is what we'll see. What we'll see is a quick trial and conviction, speedy execution, and hardly a whimper from "truthers," who will be glad to go back to their "research," their conferences, their videos, their books and articles and websites, where they can continue their passionate call for the "new investigation" that has just taken place right in front of their noses.

These will be the same passionate reformers who balked at the Impeach Bush-Cheney movement and refused to join forces with the antiwar movement, even after the 2006 election when the Democrats won the House, the same passionate reformers who call for "investigation" but shoot their own members in the back when they actually try to have such an investigation, and slander their colleagues who dare to get too much attention or go beyond what they themselves are willing to investigate or even discuss (which is very little, i.e., controlled demolition, period).

KSM, rest in peace. He's already dead, and so is the "truth movement."