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1991.06.16 Jingo Bells

Dashing through the sand
For oil we gladly slay
While George our King so bland
Goes laughing all the way

Bombs on Baghdad bring
Genocide and blight
Oh what fun it is to sing
A slaying song tonight


Jingo bells, jingo bells
Jingo all the way
Oh what fun it is to kill
Thousands in one day

April Glaspie knows
That war was George's plan
To make them dollars flow
Just like in Vietnam

George makes war and bucks
For the upper ten per cent
The papers dutifully content
To call it "costs" and luck

Congress sells us out
That's their contribution
They've lost all their clout
Forget the Constitution

Forget the dead and maimed
The bombs and guns and mortar
None of them have died in vain
But for Georgie's New World Order!