2009.09.23 Brzezinski Censored (Again)

It's interesting to see how a story like this is handled. It first appeared on Sept. 23 in The Daily Beast, in Gerald Posner's blog. Now, given not only Brzezinski's history but also Posner's, one would hesitate to see either of them as anything but mainstream. But Brzezinski obviously represents a faction of insiders who are at least sometimes at odds with Big Brother, especially, it seems, on the subject of Iran.

Brzezinski, whatever else one can say about him, does not seem to want a war with Iran, and has given us public warnings, first in Feb. 2007 about a possible false-flag event staged by the US in order to bring it on (see here), and now about a possible Israeli strike.

The story was passed on by ABC News online and the Huffington Post, and a few other less known online sources, but it did not make it to the online editions of the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, or (of course) Fox News. It was reported, however, in both the Iranian Press TV and in the Jerusalem Post. (I heard about it from

InformationClearingHouse, and from my Facebook friend Alfons Olszewski, who called my attention to it.) I note that it has not even made it to OpEdNews yet, either, hence this.

Why is this important? It should be obvious. First, as I said, it shows that there is dissension in the ranks of of the Inner Party (I can't improve on Orwell's terminology) on this point, and second, it shows that the Warmongers have the upper hand, which point is confirmed by the failure of the big time propaganda organs to report the story. They have obviously been told that it would not do to have a large portion of the population aware that an Israeli strike on Iran can easily be prevented by the United States, and that some factions of the ruling elite, even some close to the president, do not want a war with Iran.

This of course is the third reason why this is important. It is one more example, and a striking one, of how absolutely worse than worthless, how utterly evil, the mainstream press is.