2006.11.28 Now That the Democrats Have Won

Now that the Democrats have won

the first thing they said was "No,

we won't do that.

Impeachment is not on the agenda.

Why, we have an election to win in 2008."

Follow that logic if you can.

It's not logic, it's complicity.

They are as guilty as the Bushists.

Fascists by default are fascists by consent,

worse because at least the killer has an agenda,

some backbone even if it is barbed wire,

whereas your Democrat just wrings his hands,

lamenting the unfortunate prospect

of nuclear winter, wars he will not attend

and neo-concentration camps.

They have sold us down the river

more than once and never tried to get us back.

The last ones worthy of the name

have heads of lead, in free fall

like the Towers, meeting no resistance.

Because there is an election to win

which they have already won.

The proof is in the pudding of the Wimpy burger brains

of Congressmen and women, Pelosi and Conyers

being no exceptions. Big Brother is clearly a Republican,

but he has two sons. One is a Democrat.

We have bought some time, that's all.

The next war and 9/11 have been postponed, not cancelled.

The Constitution's gone. Every soldier died in vain.

The jackboots are waiting. The Democrats have won.