2009.05.22 Support President Obama against Cheney's Secret Government

Please read this article at http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/may2009/pers-m22.shtml

and draw the obvious conclusion: Now is the time for a full-frontal

attack against Cheney and what Peter Scott calls the Deep State. Now

is the perfect time because Obama, however "discreetly" (not wanting

to get shot, after all), is fighting back, and we must not only

support him but push him to fight harder. See my article "Was

the Air Force One Flyover a Warning to Obama?" -- the answer to which

I am now more convinced than ever is Yes.

Now is the time because we can fight our fight and at the same time

support the president! How often do we get such a chance? Wsws.org is

right, of course, in their unrelenting criticism of virtually all

those empowered by the "ruling class," including Obama, but we have to

be practical and do what we can when we can. We cannot and should not

wait for the "working class" to stand up by themselves. We have to

lead, and the 9/11 truth movement is in an excellent position to do

so. True, Obama does not stand behind us on 9/11, but that should not

stop us from standing behind him. One step at a time is how this goes.

One of the steps down the road, if we can get there, will be exposure

of the "war on terror" as a complete hoax (as wsws.org also affirms)

based ultimately on the 9/11 lie.

I have tried this before, back in 2006 (impeachment), but now we are

fighting FOR the president. What a wonderful opportunity! Please think

about what we can do together. 911blogger can take the lead. There are

literally hundreds of 9/11 sites. Add to those hundreds of antiwar

sites, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich supporters, etc. All we need is a

BANNER with a slogan that would provide the common denominator. On my

own web site I replaced "Impeach Bush-Cheney" after the election with

"Indict Bush-Cheney" (see http://www.mdmorrissey.info/title), and

within the banner we could have a link to a common page with all the

reasons to bring these guys and all their supporters to account. It's a very

simple thing. Just a banner that all our sites could fly and that

would be instantly recognizable as uniting us all in a common cause.

I think this would be the one most effective thing we could do, and

now is the time to do it.