2008.02.28 Sunrise at Buchenwald

(Orig. image here.)

This was published at 911blogger.com on Feb. 28, 2008.

Hail, Sol Invictus.

Pray tell what mortal hand or eye

could frame such irony,

read from the inside:

Jedem das Seine.

We will not tolerate

outrageous conspiracy theories.

Preemptive war

and torture

will set you free.

On this drizzle of a day

the old god struggles

across cluttered cyberskies

fortunately returning

but still the iron stands.

It does not melt like buildings

struck by airplanes

or vaporize or sink into the earth

like airplanes

on certain days.

Reason is but a mode the mind abides in.

The rest is dark, like blood.