2002.08.09 My Statement

My Statement (as of Aug. 9, 2002 - and if I change my mind, you'll be the first to hear about it, right here) ...

George W. Bush stole the presidency in November 2000 and since September 2001 has succeeded in trashing democratic rights that generations of Americans have fought and died for. He has waged war in Afghanistan killing thousands of innocent people without producing a single enemy responsible for 9/11. Now he is about to start another war with Iraq that will kill many more thousands of people, including Americans, a war of unabashed aggression that is clearly not supported by the American people or by the people of any other nation on the planet. Have you ever wondered how "good Germans" could allow a Hitler to destroy them? Look around you. And remember that once the shooting starts, it will be too late.

America - and the world - arise!