2007.03.29 The Cock-Up

This was published at 911blogger.com on March 29, 2007.

When the BBC reports the fall of Building 7

23 minutes before it happens

you know this is not a "cock-up"

but a whistle blowing loud and clear

from inside the loop.

Just ask yourself the simplest questions.

Is the BBC the National Enquirer?

Has it ever happened before?

How could it happen?

Talk about the nose on your face.

Could it be any plainer?

An inside job within an inside job,

a veritable Russian doll of inside jobs,

a symphony of whistles.

NORAD, the FBI and CIA

hamstrung and defeated

by 19 Arabs with boxcutters.

Do you really think they think

we are that stupid?

What is the message, then?

The one the Demo-rats have swallowed,

for example, and all the Congresswimps,

and the leaders of (almost) all the western countries

in their tribute to pox Americana?

Vince Salandria called it "transparency"

in reference to the JFK assassination.

I call it "let's show 'em that we've got 'em by the balls."

This is what they hope – that we will resign,

give up the ghost of freedom, accept our chains,

in lieu of worse. Covert dictatorship,

our left gatekeepers whisper, is better

than civil war, martial law, and concentration camps,

all of which are now provided for by law.

It can happen any time.

One more 9/11 will do the trick.

It's the lion tamer's mentality, don't you see.

All he has is a whip, and an air of dominance.

And of course a man with a rifle outside the cage.

But hey! Who else is there outside the cage?

Who are all those people, mesmerized,

waiting to see what will happen next?

How many rifles will the lion tamer need

to get them inside the cage?