abayer, abaiier (OF) 'to bark': BAY. F abois, aboyer.

adober (OF) 'to equip with armor, repair, mend': DUB, DUBBIN, DUBBING. F adouber.

ahuge (OF) 'very big': HUGE.

aloper (AN) 'to run away from one's husband with a lover' (*hlaupan): ELOPE.

andier (OF) 'firedog, andiron': ANDIRON. F landier.

-ard, -art (OF), suffix often found in proper names indicating someone who does something to excess: -ARD (as in RICHARD).

areer (OF), AN araier 'to arrange' (*< Gmc < *reidh-): ARRAY.

argoil (AN), by-product of wine-making: ARGOL.

argot (F) 'cant, slang': ARGOT. F argot.

arigot, argor (OF) 'cock's spur': ERGOT. F ergot.

augive (OF) 'diagonal rib of a vault': OGIVE. F ogive.

avodiré (OF), kind of West African tree: AVODIRE.

babel, baubel (OF) 'plaything, child's toy': BAUBLE.

babuin (OF) 'gaping figure, manikin, baboon': BABOON.

baccara (F) 'baccarat': BACCARAT.

bacheler (OF) 'young man aspiring to knighthood': BACCALAUREATE.

bacon, bacun (OF) 'cured flesh of the pig': BACON.

bafouer (F) 'to hoodwink, deceive': BAFFLE.

bage (AN) 'distinctive device or emblem': BADGE, BADGER.

bague (OF) 'bundle, pack': BAGGAGE. G Bagage.

bail (OF) 'crossbeam': BAIL.

balc, later bauch (OF) 'beam' (< Gmc < *bhelg-): DEBAUCH. G Balken. F bau, débaucher, ébaucher, embaucher.

baldrei, baudrei (OF) 'baldric': BALDRIC.

bale (OF) 'rolled-up bundle, ball' (< Gmc < *bhel-2): BALE.

balle (OF) 'ball' (< Gmc < *bhel-2): BALLOTTEMENT.

ban (OF) 'proclamation, feudal jurisdiction, summons to military service' (< Gmc < *bhâ-2): ABANDON, BAN, BANAL, BANNS. G banal. F abandon, abandonner.

bande (OF) 'bond, tie, link' (< Gmc < *bhendh-): BAND, BANDAGE. G Band, Bandage, Bande. F bandage, bandagiste, bande, bandeau, bandelette, bander, débander, platebande, rebander.

bande (OF) 'company, group' (prob. < Gmc < *bhâ-2): BAND, DISBAND. G Band, Bande. F bande, débander, surbande.

bander (OF) 'to bandy at tennis, oppose oneself against': BANDY.

banir (OF) 'to banish' (< Gmc < *bhâ-2): BANISH. It bandire. F bannir, forban. Sp bandir.

baraigne, baraine (OF) 'sterile, barren': BARREN.

bargaignier (OF) 'to trade, haggle, hesitate'(*bhergh-1): BARGAIN.

baril (OF) 'cask, barrel': BARREL, BARRICADE. G Barrikade.

barre (OF) 'rod, bar': BAR, BARRAGE, BARRIER, BARRISTER, EMBARGO. G Barre, Barriere, Embargo.

baud (OF) 'lively, gay': BAWD, BAWDY.

baver (OF) 'to slaver': ARMOR, BEAVER.

bege (OF) 'the color of natural wool': BEIGE. Cf. G Beige.

Begon (F), French patron of botany: BEGONIA. G Begonie.

bende (OF) 'band' (< Gmc < *bhendh-): BEND.

bercer (OF) 'to rock': BERCEUSE.

berfrei (OF) 'tower' (< Gmc < *bhergh-2 + *prî): BELFRY. BEZIQUE. Cf. G Bergfried.

besiler (AN) 'to make away with, take wrongfully': EMBEZZLE.

beter (OF) 'to harass with dogs' (< Gmc < *bheid-): ABET.

biais (OF) 'oblique': BIAS.

bidel (OF) 'bidet': BIDET.

bigot (OF), pejorative term for the Normans: BIGOT. G bigott.

bis (OF) 'dark gray': BICE BLUE.

bisque (F) 'bisque': BISQUE.

bistre (F) 'brown pigment made from soot': BISTER.

bistro (F) 'small cafe, bistro': BISTRO.

blanc (OF) 'white' (< Gmc < *bhel-1): BLANCH, BLANK, BLANKET, BLANCMANGE. G blank, blanko.

blason (OF) 'shield': BLAZON.

blesmir (OF) 'to make pale, injure' (< Gmc < *bhel-1): BLEMISH.

bleu (OF) 'blue' (< Gmc < *bhel-1): BLUE. G Blue jeans, Blues. Cf. G blau.

blond (OF) 'blond' (< Gmc < *bhel-1): BLOND. G blond.

blostre, blotte (OF) 'clod of earth': BLOT.

blouse (OF) 'blouse': BLOUSE. G Bluse.

bobine (F) 'bobbin': BOBBIN.

boc (OF) 'buck, he-goat' (< Celtic < *bhugo-): BUTCHER.

boce (OF) 'round protruberance': BOSS, BUSHEL.

bodne (OF) 'landmark' (< Gaulish): BOUND, BOUNDARY, DOURN. Cf. G abonnieren, borniert.

bois, bos, bosc (OF) 'wood' (*busk-): BOSCAGE, BOUQUET, HAUTBOY, OBOE. G Bukett.

bondir (OF) 'to resound,' later (OF) 'to rebound, leap': BOUND, BOUNDER.

bonet (OF) 'cap': BONNET. F bonnet. Sp bonete.

bord (OF) 'side of a ship, edge, border' (< Gmc < *bherdh-): BORDER. G bordieren. F bord.

borde (OF) 'wooden hut' (< Gmc < *bherdh-): BORDELLO. G Bordell.

bote (OF) 'foot covering': BOOT.

bouffer (F) 'to swell, puff up (the cheeks)': BOUFFANT.

bourbe (OF) 'mud, slime': BURBOT.

bouter (OF) 'to strike, thrust, pierce, butt' (< Gmc < *bhau-): ABUT, BUTTON, BUTTRESS, SACKBUT. F abouter.

bouton (OF) 'bud': BUTTON.

braier (AN), OF breier 'to break' (< Gmc < *bhreg-): BRAY.

braire (OF) 'to cry': BRAY.

bran (OF) 'husk of wheat, bran': BRAN.

brand (OF) 'piece of burning wood, firebrand,' hence 'blade of a sword'(because of its shining quality)' (< Gmc < *gwher-): BRANDISH.

braun (AN), OF braon 'meat, fleshy part (esp. of the hind leg)' (< Gmc < *bhreu-2): BRAWN.

breche (OF) 'a breaking' (< Gmc < *bhreg-): BREACH. G Bresche.

breme, bresme (OF) 'bream': BREAM.


breu (OF) 'broth' (< Gmc < *bhreu-2): BREWIS, IMBRUE. F brouet.

briber, brimber (OF) 'to beg': BRIBE.

bric-à-brac (OF) 'bric-a-brac': BRIC-A-BRAC.

brisier (OF) 'to break': BRISANCE, DéBRIS.

broce, broisse, AN brousse (OF) 'bush, undergrowth': BRUSH.

brocour (AN) 'peddler, small trader': BROKER.

brost (OF) 'shoot, bud, twig' (< Gmc < *bhreus-1): BROWSE.

brouder (AN), OF broisder 'to stitch, ornament with needlework': EMBROIDER.

brouhaha (F) 'uproar': BROUHAHA.

brouiller (OF) 'to confuse, disturb' (*brustjan): BROIL, EMBROIL, IMBROGLIO.

broyer (OF), Norman brier 'to knead' (< Gmc < *bhreg-): BRIOCHE.

brun (OF) 'shining, brown' (< Gmc < *bher-3): BRUNETTE, BURNET, BURNISH. G brünett.

bruyère (OF) 'heath': BRIAR.

buc (OF) 'trunk of the body' (< Gmc < *beu-1): TREBUCHET.

buffe (OF) 'a blow': BUFFET.

buffet (OF) 'sideboard': BUFFET. G Büfett.

buigne, buyne (OF) 'bump on the head': BUNION.

buissiel, boissel (OF) 'dry measure of capacity, bushel': BUSHEL.

buket, buquet (AN) 'tub, pail,' perhaps from OE bûc 'belly, pitcher' (*beu-1): BUCKET, BUCKBOARD.

buleter, later bulter (OF) 'to sift': BOLT.

buloce (OF) 'sloe': BULLACE.

bureau (F) 'woolen stuff, baize, used for covering writing desks': BUREAU, BUREACRACY. G Büro.

burin (F) 'burin': BURIN.

busche (OF) 'log': REBUKE.

but (OF) 'target': BUTT, BUTTE, DEBUT, DEBUTANTE. G Debüt, Debütant.

buter (AN), OF boter 'to strike, thrust,' hence 'to grow': ABUT, BUTT, BUTTON, BUTTRESS, REBUT, SACKBUT.

caboce (OF) 'head': BOCHE, CABBAGE.

camehu, cameu, camahieu (OF) 'cameo': CAMEO.

camoufler (F) 'to disguise': CAMOUFLAGE.

caner (OF) 'to cackle': CANARD.

carcan, charchant, charchan (OF) 'collar': CARCANET.

carcasse (F) 'dead body': CARCASS.

cendal, sendal (OF) 'sendal': SENDAL.

chagrin (OF) 'sadness': CHAGRIN.

chalet (SwissF) (OF) 'cottage, chalet': CHALET.

chamion (OF) 'dray, low wagon': CAMION.

chicaner (OF) 'to quibble': CHICANE.

chichi (F) 'showy': CHICHI.

choisir (OF) 'to choose': CHOICE.

cholle (OF) 'round lump, head' (< Gmc < *geu-lo-): CHOLLA.

cion (OF) 'shoot' (*gêi-1): SCION.

claquer (F) 'to clap': CLAQUE.

cliquer (F) 'to click, clap, applaud': CLIQUE. G Clique.

combre (OF) 'hindrance or dam in a river': CUMBER, ENCUMBER.

complot (OF) 'dense crowd, secret project': COMPLOT, PLOT.

condir (OF) 'to season': SALMAGUNDI, SALLMI.


correier (OF) 'to arrange, equip, curry (a horse)': CURRY.

cote (OF), kind of tunic, esp. of a knight or warrior: COAT, COTILLION.

courlieu (F) 'curlew': CURLEW.

crampe (OF) 'cramp' (< Gmc < *ger-2): CRAMP.

crécelle (F) 'rattle, kestrel': KESTREL.

creche (OF) 'manger, crib' (< Gmc < *ger-2): CRèCHE.

crevice (OF) 'crayfish' (< Gmc < *gerbh-): CRAYFISH. Cf. G Krebs.

criquer (OF) 'to crackle, creak, click' (< Gmc < *ker-2): CRICKET.

croc (OF) 'hook' (< Gmc < *ger-2): CROCHET, CROQUET, CROUCH, ENCROACH.

crochir (OF) 'to be bent': CROUCH.

croissir, cruissir (OF) 'to gnash the teeth, crash, crack': CRUSH.

croquer (OF) 'to crunch, crack': CROQUETTE, CROQUIGNOLE.

crosse (OF) 'crook' (< Gmc < *ger-2): CROSIER, LACROSSE.

croupe (OF) 'hindquarters, rump (of a horse)' (< Gmc < *ger-2): CROUP, CROUPIER, CRUPPER. G Croupier, Kruppe.

crues (OF) 'socket, groove': CROZE.

cucu (OF) 'cuckoo': CUCKOLD, CUCKOO.

dada (F) 'hobbyhorse': DADA.

dalier (OF) 'to converse, chat': DALLIANCE, DALLY.

danser (OF) 'to dance': DANCE.

dart (OF) 'dart': DART, DARTLE.

demaier (OF) 'to discourage completely': DISMAY.

digeon (AN) 'kind of wood used for knife handles': DUDGEON.

drogue (OF) 'medicinal substance, drug': DRUG, DRUGGET. G Droge.

dupe (MF), kind of bird, 'hoopoe': DUPE. G düpieren. F dupe.

effreer, esfreer (OF), AN afrayer 'to fight in public' (< Gmc < *prî-): AFFRAY, AFRAID, FRAY.

embuschier (OF) 'to ambush' (< L in + *busk-): AMBUSH.

encore (F) 'still, yet, besides': ENCORE.

encrochier (OF) 'to catch in a hook, seize': ENCROACH.

équiper (F) 'to equip' (*skipam): EQUIP, EQUIPMENT.

escache (OF) 'wooden leg, stilt': SCOTCH, SKATE.

escaigne (OF) 'wound length of yarn': SKEIN.

escale (OF) 'husk, shell' (< Gmc < <*skel-1): CALOTTE, CAUL, SCALE, SCALLOP, SCALOPPINE.

escaubers (AN), pl. 'sheath' (< Gmc < *sker-1 + *bhergh-1): SCABBARD.

escharnir, eschernir (OF) 'to behave contemptuously, deride': SCORN.

eschine (OF) 'backbone, piece of meat with part of the backbone' (< Gmc < *skei-): CHINE.

eschiver (OF) 'to shun, avoid': SKEW.

esclaschier (OF) 'to break': SLASH.

esclater (OF) 'to splinter, split, shatter': SLAT, SLATE. G eklatant. F éclat, éclater.

esclicer (OF) 'to shatter': SLICE.

esclot (OF) 'hollow of the breast bone': SLOT.

escopir (OF) 'to spit': SCUPPER.

escoymos (AN) 'nauseous': SQUEAMISH.

escrowe (AN), OF escroe 'strip (esp. of parchment)' (< Gmc < *skreu-): ESCROW, SCROLL.

eskermir, eskirmir (OF) 'to fight with a sword, fence' (< Gmc < *sker-1): SKIRMISH.

esmal, esmail (OF) 'enamel' (< Gmc < *mel-1): ENAMEL. G Email.

esmayer, esmaier (OF) 'to frighten be frightened' (< Gmc < *magh-1): DISMAY.

esparvain, espavin (OF) 'hard bony tumor in a horse's leg': SPAVIN.

espelir (OF) 'to explain, signify,' later 'to read out' (< Gmc < *spel-3): SPELL.

esperlinge (OF) 'smelt' (< Gmc): SPARLING.

espier (OF) 'to spy upon, watch, catch sight of' (< Gmc < *spek-): ESPY, SPY. Cf. Du spieden. G spähen. It spia.

estache (OF) 'stake, post' (< Gmc < *steg-1): ATTACH. G Attaché.

estal (OF) 'a stand, fixed place' (< Gmc < *stel-): INSTALLMENT, STALE.

estalon (OF) 'stud horse' (< Gmc < *stel-): STALLION.

estandard (OF) 'flag marking a place for rallying' (< Gmc < *stâ-): STANDARD. G Standarte.

estoc (OF) 'tree trunk, sword, sword point' (< Gmc < *steu-): TUCK.

estoffer (OF) 'to stuff, furnish with': STUFF, STUFFY.

estout (OF) 'stout': STOUT. estrif (OF) 'discord': STRIFE.

fade (OF) 'vapid, dull, faded': FADE. G fade. F fade.

faille (OF) 'kind of veil used by Flemish women as a head covering': FAILLE.

falbala (F) 'falbala': FALBALA.

faldestoel, faldestueil, faudeteuil (OF) 'kind of folding chair used by nobility and clergy': FAUTEUIL.

fanfare (F) 'fanfare': FANFARE. G Fanfare. F fanfare.

fanon (OF) 'priest's maniple': FANON.

fee (AN) 'estate in land (orig. on feudal tenure)' (< Gmc < *peku-): FEE. Cf. G Vieh.

feurre (OF) 'fodder': (< Gmc < *pâ-): FORAGE.

fiacre (F), kind of coach, 'fiacre': FIACRE. G Fiaker. F fiacre.

fief, feu, fiu, fieu (OF) 'inherited estate, payment' (< Gmc < *peku-): FEOFF, FIEF.

flahute, fleute, fläute (OF) 'flute': FLUTE. G Flöte, flötengehen.

flanc (OF) 'flank' (< Gmc < *kleng-): FLANK. G Flanke.

flatter, flater (OF) 'to caress with the hand, smooth, flatter' (< Gmc < *plat-): FLATTER.

fleche (OF) 'arrow' (< Gmc < *pleu-): FLèCHE, FLETCHER, PARFLECHE. Cf. G Flitzbogen.

flenchir, flainchir (OF) 'to turn aside' (< Gmc < *kleng-): FLINCH.

flosche (OF) 'down, pile of velvet': FLOSS.

floter (AN) 'to float' (< Gmc < *pleu-): FLOTSAM. Cf. G Floß, flößen.

floundre (AN) 'flatfish, flounder' (< Gmc < *plat-): FLOUNDER. Cf. G Flunder.

forbir (OF) 'to polish, burnish': FURBISH.

forre, feurre (OF) 'trimming made from animal skin, fur' (< Gmc < *pâ-): FUR.

forrier (OF) 'to raid': FORAY.

foulard (F) 'silk neckerchief': FOULARD.

fraiel (OF) 'basket for figs, raisins, etc.': FRAIL.

framboise (OF) 'raspberry': FRAMBESIA.

fraper (OF) 'to strike': FRAP, FRAPPé. G frappieren. F frapper.

freter (OF) 'to decorate with a trellis or interlaced work': FRET.

fricasser (F) 'to fry': FRICANDEAU, FRICASSEE.

frisque (OF) 'vigorous, alert, lively, merry': FRISK.

froc (OF) 'kind of ecclesiastical garment, frock': FROCK.

froignex (OF) 'surly look': FROWN.

frois (OF), fem. fresche 'cool, fresh': FRESCO, FRESH. G Fresko, frisch. It fresco. F fresque.

froncir (OF) 'to wrinkle' (< Gmc < *sker-3): FLOUNCE.

froter (OF) 'to rub': FROTTAGE. G frottieren. It frettare. F frotter.

frou-frou (F), indicating a rustling sound: FROU-FROU.

furnir, fornir (OF) 'to furnish, supply' (< Gmc < *per 1): FURNISH, FURNITURE, VENEER. G furnieren.

gâche (OF) 'staple, hook': GADGET.

gage (OF) 'a pledge' (< Gmc < *wadh-1): DéGAGé, ENGAGE, GAGE, MORTGAGE. G engagieren, Gage.

gaif (ONF) (OF) 'vagabond': WAIF.

gaillard (OF) 'strong, valiant, lively': GALLIARD.

galer (OF) 'to make merry, lead a gay life, rejoice': GALA, GALLANT. G Gala, galant.

galonner (OF) 'to decorate the head with ribbons': GALLOON.

galoper (OF), ONF waloper 'to gallop': (< Gmc < IE *wel-2 + Gmc *hlaupan): GALLOP.

gambi (F) 'crooked': GAME.

gant (OF) 'glove': GAUNTLET.

garant (OF), ONF warrant 'warrant' (< Gmc < *wer-5): GUARANTEE, GUARANTY, WARRANT, WARRANTY. G Garantie.

garcer, jarcer (OF) 'to scarify': GASH.

gardin (ONF) (OF) 'garden' (< Gmc < *gher-1): GARDEN.

garer (OF) 'to warn, protect, guard' (< Gmc < *wer-5): GARAGE. G Garage.

garet, jaret (OF) 'bend of the knee, calf of the leg': GARTER.

garokier (OF) 'to tie down, strangle': GAROTTE.

garolf, garou (OF) 'werewolf' (< Gmc < *wî-ro- + *wlkwo-): LOUP-GAROU.

garolf, garou (OF) 'werewolf' (< Gmc < *wî-ro- + *wlkwo-): LOUP-GAROU.

garre (OF) 'bariegated': BIGARREAU.

gars (F) 'boy': GARçON, GASKET.

gauchir (OF) 'to warp, turn aside, detour' (< Gmc < *weng-): GAUCHE.

gaver (Picard) (OF) 'to force down the throat, stuff': GAVAGE.

gaze (F) 'thin fabric, gauze': GAUZE. G Gaze.

gerlande, garlande (OF) 'crown made with gold threads': GARLAND.

gibe (OF) 'staff, club': GIBBET.

gibelet (OF) 'game stew': GIBLETS.

giber (OF) 'to handle roughly': GIBE.

gibier (OF) 'hunting, game': GIBLETS.

goaignier, gaigner (OF) 'to obtain': GAIN, ROWEN.

gobel (OF) 'cup': GOBLET.

gober (OF) 'to swallow, gulp': GOB, GOBBET, GOBBLE.

gogue (OF) 'merriment': AGAG, A_GOGO.

gosier (OF) 'throat': GUZZLE.

gourmand, gourmant (OF) 'glutton': GOURMAND.

gourme (OF) 'ringworm': GROMMET (GRUMMET).

gousse (OF) 'pod, shell': GUSSET.

grape (OF) 'hook,' hence (because of its shape) 'grape' (< Gmc < *ger-2): GRAPE.

grapon (OF) 'grapnel' (< Gmc < *ger-2): GRAPNEL.

grater (OF) 'to scrape' (< Gmc < *grat-): GRATE, REGRATE.

grave, greve (OF) 'coarse sand, gravel' (< Celtic, prob. < *ghrêu-): GRAVEL.

graver (OF) 'to part the hair,' later 'to engrave' (< Gmc < *ghrebh-2): GRAVURE. G gravieren.

grèbe (F) 'grebe': GREBE.

greve (OF) 'calf of the leg, shin, armor': GREAVE.

grimace (OF) 'grimace' (< Gmc < *ghrem-): GRIMACE. G Grimasse.

gripper (OF) 'to seize' (< Gmc < *ghreib-): GRIPPE. G Grippe.

gris (OF) 'gray' (< Gmc < *gher-3): AMBERGRIS, GRISAILLE, GRISETTE, GRISON, GRIZZLE. Cf. G greis.

gromet, gourmet (OF) 'wine merchant's servant': GOURMET.

grosele (OF) 'gooseberry' (< Gmc < *ger-2): GROSSULARITE.

gruel (OF) 'porridge' (< Gmc < *ghrêu-): GRUEL.

guarder, garder (OF), AN warder 'to guard' (< Gmc < *wer-4): AWARD, GUARD, GUARDIAN, REARWARD, REGARD, REWARD, WARDEN, WARDER, WARDROBE. G Garde, Garderobe, Garderobiere.

guarir, garir (OF) 'to defend, protect' (< Gmc < *wer-5): GARRET, GARRISON.

guarnir (OF) 'to equip' (< Gmc < *wer-5): GARMENT, GARNISH. G garnieren, Garnison, Garnitur.

guenchir (OF) 'to turn aside, avoid': WINCE.

guenon (F) 'guenon': GUENON.

guietre (OF) 'ankle covering, gaiter': GAITER.

guile (OF) 'cunning, trickery' (< Gmc < *weik-2): BEGUILE, GUILE.

guiper (OF) 'to cover with silk, wool, etc.' (< Gmc < *weip-): GUIPURE.

guise (OF) 'manner' (< Gmc < *weid-): DISGUISE, GUISE.

guiterne (OF) 'kind of guitar': CITTERN (CITHERN), GITTERN.

hache (F) 'the letter h': AITCH.

hadot, adot (OF), AN hadoc 'haddock': HADDOCK.

hagard (OF) 'wild hawk' (< Gmc < *kagh-): HAGGARD.

haïr (OF) 'to hate' (< Gmc < *kâd-): HEINOUS.

haler (OF) 'to haul' (< Gmc < *kelª-2): HALE, HAUL.

ham (OF) 'village, home' (< Gmc < *tkei-): HAMLET.

hanap (OF) ' goblet, cup': HANAPER.

hanche (OF) 'haunch': HAUNCH.

hangar (F) 'shed, hangar': HANGAR.

hanter (OF) 'to frequent, haunt' (< Gmc < *tkei-): HAUNT.

hapertas (AN) perhaps 'fabric, cloth': HABERDASHER.

hardi (OF) 'hard, bold' (< Gmc < *kar-1): HARDY.

haricot (F) 'kidney bean': HARICOT.

haricot (F) 'mutton ragout': HARICOT.

haridelle (F) 'worn-out horse': HARRIDAN.

harlot, arlot, herlot (OF) 'young fellow, knave, vagabond': HARLOT.

haste (OF) 'swiftness, hurry': HASTE.

hauberc (OF) 'hauberk' (< Gmc < *kwel-1 + *bhergh-1): HAUBERK.

havot (OF) 'plunder, cry used to begin plunder': HAVOC.

haye (OF) 'kind of dance': HAY.

helme (OF) 'helmet': HEAUME, HELMET.

Héloise (F) fem. given name: ELOISE.

herault, heraut (OF) 'herald' (< Gmc < *koro- + wal-): HERALD. G Herold.

herban (OF) 'a summoning to military service' (< Gmc < *koro-): ARRIèRE-BAN.

herberge (OF) 'lodging' (< Gmc < *koro- + *bhergh-2): HARBINGER.

herberge (OF) 'lodging' (< Gmc < *koro- + *bhergh-2, cognate with OE herebeorg): HARBINGER. F auberge, héberger.

hocher (OF) 'to shake': HOTCH-POT.

hogner (OF) 'to grumble, growl': HONE.

hotte (OF) 'pannier, creel': HOD.

houe (OF) 'hoe' (< Gmc < *kau-2): HOE.

hourd, hord (OF) 'fence, hurdle, scaffold' (< Gmc < *kert-): HOARDING.

huer (OF) 'to cry out, shout': HUE.

hurter (OF) 'to knock, strike': HURT, HURTLE.

hutte (F) 'hut' (< Gmc < *skeu-): HUT. Cf. G Hütte.

jabot (F) 'crop (of a bird), frill (of a shirt)': JABOT.

jangler, gengler (OF) 'to chatter, babble': JANGLE.

japer (OF) 'to yap, yelp': JAPE.

jardin, ONF gardin (OF) 'garden': GARDEN.

jargoun, gergon, gargon (OF) 'twittering': JARGON.

jauge (ONF), gauge (OF) 'measuring rod, gauge' (< Gmc < *ghalgh-): GAUGE.

javelot (OF) 'a throwing spear': JAVELIN.

label (OF) 'ribbon, strip' (< Gmc < *leb-1): LABEL.

lai (OF) 'short poem to be sung, lay': LAY.

lamper (OF) 'to gulp down' (< Gmc < *lab-): LAMPOON.

laper (OF) 'to lap up': LAMPOON.

lapin (F) 'rabbit': LAPIN.

lasne (OF) 'thong, lash': LANYARD.

laton (OF), kind of metal, 'latten': LATTEN.

launde (OF) 'heath, pasture' (< Gaulish < *lendh-2): LAWN. Cf. F lande. It landa.

lavantse (Savoyard) (OF) 'avalanche': AVALANCHE.

lechier (OF) 'to live in debauchery or gluttony' (< Gmc < *leigh-): LECHER.

loc (OF) 'latch, lock': LOCKET.

loche (OF) 'loach': LOACH.

lof (OF) 'spar' (prob. < Gmc < *lep-2): LUFF.

loge (OF) 'shed, small house' (< Gmc < *leup-): LODGE. G Loge.

lorgne (OF) 'squinting': LORGNETTE.

loupe (OF) 'imperfect gem': LOUPE.

lover, lovier (OF) 'skylight': LOUVER.

lozenge (OF) 'a diamond-shaped figure in heraldic design': LOZENGE.

lucanne (OF) 'dormer window': LUCARNE.

luere (OF) 'falconer's bait': ALLURE, LURE.

mahaignier, mayner (OF) 'to wound': MAIM, MANGLE, MAYHEM.

malingre (OF) 'sickly, weakly': MALINGER.

mallart (OF) 'wild duck': MALLARD.

mambo (Haitian Creole) (OF) 'mambo': MAMBO.

maquerel (OF) 'mackerel': MACKEREL.

marasc, maresc (OF) 'marsh' (< Gmc < *mori-): MORASS. G Morast.

maraud (F) 'rogue, vagabond, scoundrel': MARAUDER.

marche, marc (OF) 'border country' (< Gmc < *merg-): MARCH, MARQUEE, MARQUIS. G Markise, Marquis.

marcher, marchier (OF) 'to walk, tramp, trample (grapes)' (< Gmc < *merg-): MARC, MARCH. G Marsch.

marmouser (OF) 'to murmur': MARMITE.

marmouset (OF) 'grotesque figure, little man or boy': MARMOSET.

marque (OF) 'mark' (< Gmc < *merg-): MARQUETRY, REMARK. G Marke, markieren.

marron (OF) 'large chestnut': MAROON.

martre (OF) 'marten': MARTEN.

masere, mazre (OF) 'knot in wood' (*mas-): MAZER.

massacrer (OF) 'to kill indiscriminately': MASSACRE.

masse, mace (OF) 'club': MACE.

masson (OF) 'builder or worker in stone' (< Gmc < *mag-): MASON.

masticot (OF) 'massicot': MASSICOT.

Maud, Mahault, Mahhild (OF), fem. given name: MAUD, MAUDE.

mauvis (OF) 'song-thrush': MAVIS, MAVIS.

méringue (F) 'meringue': MERINGUE.

mine (OF) 'excavation, mine': MINE, MINERAL.

mocquer (OF) 'to deride': MOCK.

momer (OF) 'to act (in a dumb show)' (< Gmc < *mu-1): MUM.

morre, mor (Savoyard) (OF) 'muzzle, snout': MORAINE.

mortoise (OF) 'mortise': MORTISE.

mote (OF) 'clod, hill, mound': MOAT.

moue (OF) 'lip': MOUE.

moufle (OF) 'snout, muzzle': MUFFLE.

mousse (F) 'froth, moss, foam': MOUSSE.

muchier (OF) 'to hide, skulk': MOOCH.

nasle (OF) 'string': LANYARD.

nosche, nouche (AN) 'brooch' (< Gmc < *ned-): OUCH.

osmonde (OF) 'flowering fern': OSMUND.

oui (F) 'yes': OUIJA.

page (OF) 'boy': PAGE. G Page. F page.

papa (F) 'father' (*papa): PAPA. G Papa.

patte (OF) 'paw, foot, hoof': PATTEN.

pek (AN) 'one-fourth of a bushel, peck': PECK.

pelfrer (OF) 'to plunder, rob': PELF, PILFER.

pepin (OF) 'seed of certain fruits': PIPPIN.

peritot (OF) 'peridot, chaysolite': PERIDOT, PERIDOTITE.

petit (OF) 'small': PETIT, PETTY.

peutre, peaultre (OF) 'pewter': PEWTER.

piauler (F) 'to whine': PULE.

pincier (OF) 'to pinch': PINCH.

piquer (F) 'to prick, pierce, string': PICKET, PIQUANT, PIQUE, PIQUé.

pirouet (OF) 'a spinning top': PIROUETTE.

pisser (OF) 'to urinate': PISS.

piton (OF) 'pointed mountain peak': PITON.

poche, pouche (OF), ONF poke 'bag, pouch' (< Gmc < *beu-1): POACH, POCKET, POKE, POUCH, PUCKER. F empocher, pochade, pochard, poche, pocher, pochette, pochoir, pochon, rempocher.

poinson, poinchon, ponchon (OF) 'pointed tool or weapon': PUNCHEON.

pompon (F) 'ornamental tuft, pompon': POMPON.

powe, poue, poe (OF) 'paw, foot of an animal': PAW.

ramper (OF) 'to climb, creep, crawl' (< Gmc < *skerbh-): RAMP, RAMPANT. G Rampe.

randir (OF) 'to run impetuously, gallop': RANDOM.

rapiere (OF) 'rapier': RAPIER, RAPPAREE.

rasper (OF) 'to grate, rasp': RAPIER, RAPPAREE.

rastin (OF) 'ratteen': RATTEN.

rataplan (F) 'drumbeat': RATAPLAN.

raver (ONF) (OF) 'to be crazy': RAVE.

renc, reng, ranc (OF) 'line, row, range, rank' (< Gmc < *sker-3): ARRANGE, DERANGE, RANCH, RANGE, RANK, RINK. G arrangieren, Rang.

reps (F) 'rep': REP.

rever (OF) 'to wander, dream': REVERIE.

riber (OF) 'to be wanton' (< Gmc < *wer-3): RIBALD.

ricochet (F) 'rebound, ricochet': RICOCHET.

rifler (OF) 'to graze, scratch, file, plunder': RIFFLER, RIFLE. river (OF) 'to fix, clinch': RIVET.

robe (OF) 'garment' (< Gmc < *reup-): ROBE. G Garderobe, Robe.

rober (OF) 'to rob' (< Gmc < *reup-): ROB.

roche (OF) 'roach': ROACH.

roche (OF) 'rock': ROCK.

rochet (OF) 'garment worn by bishops, rochet' (< Gmc < *ruk-1): ROCHET. Cf. G Gehrock, Rock.

rocquet (OF) 'head of a lance': RATCHET.

rote (OF) 'stringed instrument' (< Gmc < *krut-): ROTE.

ruser (OF) 'to drive back': RUSE, RUSH. Cf. G Gerausch, rauschen. F ruser.

saur, sor (OF) 'yellowish brown' (< Gmc < *saus-): SORREL, SURMULLET.

seisir, saisir (OF) 'to seize' (< Gmc < *sâg-): SEIZE, SEIZINE.

soc (OF) 'plowshare': SOCKET.

sortir (OF) 'to go out': SORTIE.

souaige (OF) 'tool for bending cold metal': SWAGE.

sous (OF) 'pickled meat' (*sal-1): SOUSE. Cf. G Sülze.

sturgeon (AN) 'sturgeon': STURGEON.

sundre (OF) 'herd of wild boars': SOUNDER.

sur (OF) 'sour' (< Gmc < *sûro-): SORREL.

suricate (F) 'suricate': SURICATE.

tabart (OF) 'tabard': TABARD.

tache (OF) 'fastening, nail' (*tag-): TACHE, TACK.

tampon (OF) 'plug' (*tap-): TAMPION, TAMPON.

taper (OF) 'to strike lightly' (*tap-): TAP.

targe (OF) 'light shield': TARGE, TARGET.

ternir (OF) 'to dull, deaden, stain': TARNISH.

tic (OF) 'muscle spasm, tic': TIC.

tirer (OF) 'to draw out': ARTILLERY, TIER, TIRADE. G Artillerie.

tochier, tuchier (OF) 'to touch': TOUCH.

toffe, tofe (OF) 'tuft' (*tap-): TUFT.

toille (OF) 'napkin, table cloth': TOWEL.

tomber, tumer (OF) 'to leap, overturn': TUMBREL.

toup, top (OF) 'top, summit' (*tap-): TOUPEE.

trape (OF) 'snare' (< Gmc < *der-1): ENTRAP. G Attrappe.

tresse (OF) 'plait or lock of hair': TRESS.

trier (OF) 'to sift, pick out': TRY.

tripe (OF) 'stomach of an ox, etc. used for food': TRIPE.

triste, tristre (OF) 'waiting place' (prob. < Scan < *deru): TRYST.

tromper (OF) 'to cheat': TRUMPERY.

troquer (OF) 'to exchange': TRUCK.

troter (OF) 'to trot' (< Gmc < *der-1): TROT.

truant (OF) 'beggar, idle rogue': TRUANT.

truffle, trufle (OF) 'trickery': TRIFLE.

tuyau (OF) 'pipe': TUYERE.

valet, vaslet, varlet (OF) 'young nobleman, squire': VALET, VARLET.

vireli (OF) 'virelay': VIRELAY. G Firlefanz.

voguer (OF) 'to row, go along smoothly': VOGUE.

waif (AN) 'ownerless property' (< Scan, prob. < *weip-): WAIF, WAIVE, WAIVER.

werre (ONF) 'war' (> Gmc): WAR,WARRIOR. F guerre, G verwirren 'to confuse, perplex.'

wrec (AN) 'wreck' (< Gmc < *wreg-): WRECK.