2007.03.03 Oh Beautiful

This was published at 911blogger.com on March 3, 2007.

Oh Beautiful, your spacious skies

were never filled with so many lies

as on 9/11, when a caveman in Afghanistan

flew his planes into the Pentagon

and the World Trade Center, pulverizing two,

doing what no plane in history could ever do

and a third one, just for the heck of it

eight hours later, without even hitting it.

Taking up the story where it starts

of how Bin Laden beat the US Air Farce

we see the answer right away:

he was trained by the CIA.

But no, it wasn't Bin Laden's men who flew those planes.

Not at all: they were Saddam Hussein's.

So we hung him, by logical deduction

because he had Weapons of Mass Destruction

not. And after all he was a tyrant,

for many years a friend and client,

just like that nasty Noriega down in Panama,

paid by the CIA Director, Dubya's pa.

Or, in the beginning, Ho Chi Minh

before we decided to do him in

for being a dirty domino, a commie,

though he survived, as did his country,

unlike several million Vietnamese

and 58,000 Americans, but jeez,

that's the price we had to pay

to teach him the American Way.

So when terror strikes, in the Gulf of Tonkin,

in Washington, or downtown Manhattan

we raise the flag higher, higher and higher.

Everybody must have his Reichstag fire.

But believe it or not, that is the question.

So let me make a small suggestion.

The next time they try it, for crissake,

make 'em get their story straight.

Or better yet, when they say go

stand up straight, and just say no.