2010.02.18 Where Is the Rage?

Obama reverses a 30-year nuclear moratorium, and there is NOTHING -- or almost nothing. One little peep from Harvey Wasserman (here and here), NOTHING on the GreenParty Homepage, NOTHING on Salon.com, NOTHING on Huffingtonpost.com... Ok, this is not a scientific survey, but it shouldn't have to be. WHERE IS THE RAGE?

I have no words. I thought we were beyond this. Now I find we're going 3 giant steps backward. In silence. Why aren't we in the streets? God help us.

Later the same day I added these comments:

More nothing

NOTHING at Sierraclub.com, NOTHING at Infowars.com. Harvey Wasserman (apparently the last living anti-nuclear activist) again on Democracynow.org -- and also Amy Goodman here. It's not nearly enough. I can only repeat: WHERE IS YOUR RAGE?

A fine example for the world!

Thank you, Mr. President, thank you, America. You have set a fine example for IRAN, and for the rest of the world, who will now brainlessly follow your insane example and continue down the road to self-destruction. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET RID OF THE WASTE! IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE THE NEXT ACCIDENT! IT IS NOT ECONOMICAL! IT IS A TERRIBLE INVESTMENT! IT IGNORES ALL THE NEW AND ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY -- AND JOBS!

Thank you, my fellow Americans, for showing us the way straight to hell. One day I woke up and you were saying WAR IS PEACE ("preemptive war"). Then you were saying "TORTURE IS GOOD." Now 30 years of what I THOUGHT was progress at least in the fight for sanity on nuclear power is gone OVERNIGHT, with hardly a whimper from the "free and the brave."

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Which will be soon. Amen.

And Bia Winter added this:

Reply: A Stupid way to Boil Water

Nuclear power is still exactly what Buckmeister Fuller called it 40 years ago: "A stupid way to boil water"!

Stupid and DANGEROUS!

That was true then, and it's even more relevant today, with all we know about it and still DON'T KNOW about how to dispose of the radioactive waste!

I personnally have advocated against Nuclear Energy for forty years, and now this is back like a bad Deja Vu!

This is just so deplorable! Government Loans for MORE Nukes!?

Obama has announced some $8.3 billion in loan guarantees for two new reactors planned for Georgia and Florida, which are unable to withstand natural cataclysms like hurricanes and earthquakes.

What is Obama thinking?

That's OUR Money!

At a time where most Americans are hurting financially and need jobs, we get THIS instead of building clean energy systems like solar and wind that could provide SAFE jobs!

"Energy experts at the Rocky Mountain Institute and elsewhere estimate that a dollar invested in increased efficiency could save as much as seven times as much energy than one invested in nuclear plants can produce, while producing ten times as many permanent,( safe) jobs."

At a time where we don't even have a decent public healthcare system we get THIS, that's bound to make many more people sick with cancers!?

"Meanwhile, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has reported that at least 27 of America's 104 licensed reactors are now leaking radioactive tritium. The worst case may be Entergy's Vermont Yankee, near the state's southeastern border with New Hampshire and Massachusetts. High levels of contamination have been found in test wells around the reactor, and experts believe the Connecticut River is at serious risk.

Taxpayers are also on the hook for potential future accidents from these new reactors."


We all need to get out in the streets over this, regardless of party, and write and call our congressionals out on this and tell them in no uncertain terms: "ENOUGH of this Nuclear Power Idiocy!

We want clean, SAFEenergy and safe jobs!