2006.09.01 Two Views of Reality

Morgan says the government is in the hands of outlaws

and we know who they are.

Kyle says the government is in the hands of outlaws

and we don't know who they are.

Morgan says, "Come out of the White House with your hands up."

Kyle says, "The reality is far more complex

within the gargantuan, byzantine government

and global military-industrial-intelligence complex

and more complex still given the huge power of drug, banking, illicit weapons and other criminal cartels

and the fact that US officials may have acted the part

of guilty parties in some cases to cover-up their own

incompetence or criminal negligence even as they were

aware the official storydidn't hold any water."

Ken says, "The answer is both/and.

The Bush administration did do 9/11, but that it is also true

that there are many other people involved."

I agree with Morgan

partly because I am an optimist

and say, "Impeach Bush, because we can

and can't get to Byzantium

before the rough beast's hour has come."

Nathanael says it must be done forthwith.

Gerard says it's an insult to his intelligence.

Dick says it was Zionist billioniares.

Rosalee says, "Just because it's nonsense

doesn't mean it isn't true."

In the midst of such determination

clarity of mind, and solidarity

what is there to do but wait and die

and hope both beauty and the beast

will pass us by.

Note: The quotes are from an email correspondence with (among others), Morgan Reynolds, Kyle Hence, Ken Jenkins, Rosalee Grable, Gerard Holmgren, and Dick Eastman, except for "Come Out of the White House with your Hands Up," which was the title of Kevin Barrett's review of Reynold's speech at the Univ. of Wisconsin on May 6, 2006. For "Byzantium" and the "rough beast" see Yeats' "Sailing to Byzantium" and "The Second Coming."