2017.01.01 Lame Duck's Last Quack

Mr. O, failing miserably to fly,

Wants to give it one more try.

"Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump, "En garde!"

He says, and pulls it out, the old canard.

He has no evidence but won't admit it,

So just says, "The Russians did it."

"Let it not be said I did not quack

About this treacherous Russian hack."

"17 separate agencies have said it's true.

So out, damned spots, all thirty-five of you!"

P prefers chess to feather-rattling,

So keeps his cool amidst the cackling.

"We'll see whose belfry has the bats,"

He says. "We'll keep your diplomats."

Meanwhile all await the new bird,

Wondering if he'll keep his word.

Will he find the liars, chomp

Their heads off, drain the swamp?

Far better that than bombs and guns.

Let's just hope he finds the right ones.