araroba (Portuguese), kind of tree (prob. < Tupi): ARAROBA.

babaçú (Portuguese, Brazil) 'kind of palm tree, babassu': BABASSKU.

banana (Portuguese) 'banana': BANANA. G Banane.

barroco (Portuguese) 'irregular' (of the surface of pearls): BAROQUE. G barock.

cachola (Portuguese) 'head': CACHALOT.

casrnauba (Portuguese) 'casrnauba': CARNAUBA.

coco (Portuguese) 'goblin, coconut shell': COCO.

curral (Portuguese) 'enclosure for cattle, corral': KRAAL.

doudo (Portuguese) 'stupid': DODO.

garoupa (Portuguese) 'grouper': GROUPER.

kâccu (Portuguese) 'cachou': CACHOU.

macaú (Portuguese), kind of parrot, 'macaw': MACAW.