2006.12.08 War of the Worlds

What we need now is action, not words.

We can do it now, there's no excuse

for not doing it, and screaming bloody murder

the whole time, for 9/11 and Iraq, Afghanistan

and tearing up our Constitution, turning soldiers

into torturers, our country into a police state.

I saw War of the Worlds last night on TV.

It reminded me of 9/11, which I also saw on TV

and thought if it really happened the way they said it did

not boom boom boom boom boom

the way the firemen said, who after all were there

and as the pictures clearly show, even on TV

if you see with your eyes and not your ears

attuned only to Big Brother's lies and

outrageouser conspiracy theories

of 19 Arabs with box cutters "pulling" buildings

even without planes, in the case of Building 7.

Controlled Demolition, Inc. couldn't have done it better

if they didn't, though they did

collect the evidence and ship it off to China,

a federal offense, committed by the feds themselves,

and the same company they paid to sanitize

the federal building in Oklahoma City.

Oh but how could it have been an inside job

with the president's own brother Marvin

and cousin Wirt in charge of security?

How could Osama have walked in and planted all those bombs

without them noticing? Impossible.

Tom Cruise saved his daughter in the movie

and the humans won, but will we?

Where are the streets filled with people,

a million men refusing to pay taxes

for which there is no law, or to accept

computerized voting machines that leave no trace,

the rule of aliens that suck our blood in wars for oil

and lie right in our faces, not caring any more

whether we believe them or not, as long as we do not

march in the streets, but only in combat boots

to their tune of "Sucker, give me your last dime

and your arms and legs as well, for nothing, for

that's what you are, while I and my beloved ass

and class of extraterrestrials take what is ours,

including you shitheads, fit only to clean our toilets

and maybe do research, if you behave yourself

so you can discover ways to make me live longer

and kill you quicker, without you even knowing it

you stupid fucks. That's the way it is

and always was and will be, now and forever,

on earth as it is in heaven, amen. Fuck you."

"Get out of my face or you're toast.

I'll have you for breakfast, chump.

Cry me a river. Watch me laugh

as your ass burns. Get the picture?

Now forget it and get back to work.

I've got things to do, and you're going to do them for me.

Be happy you're a part of it all.

We're going places, you and me.

The sky's the limit, you'll make it, pull it

up by your bootsraps, rags to riches.

Go for it, bitches. Who's your daddy?

Suck it high, suck it low, oh, oh, oh, you look so fine

when you're getting fucked."

"Ipse dixit, dickhead, dipshit, now hear this.

This is not a war of extermination,

like Tim Robbins said in the movie.

It's a class war. You're either with us or against us,

Wanna hear a goat story? Jeder Widerstand ist zwecklos.

Jedem das Seine."

But wait a minute. Is this Buchenwald

or Theresienstadt? Maybe we can use the ruse

to our advantage. Impeach them while we can,

get better jailors in, teach them to fear us, just a little,

so that, with time, we get it back

when they know, that is, we know

they can only go so far. Give them time to think

of what they're losing when they shoot us. Why,

we can sing and dance for them, invent computers,

spin on our heads like tops on street corners.

Even extraterrestrials must know that talent trickles up,

not down, despite their wishful thinking

to be beautiful, the one thing

they can never be.