b`ai (Ancient Chinese) 'amusement': HAIKU.

cha 2 (Chinese) 'mixed': CHOW-CHOW.

ch'an 3 (Chinese) 'property': VIETCONG.

chang 4 tzu (3-4) (Chinese) 'shoji': SHOJI.

ch'ao 3 (Chinese) 'to stir, fry, cook': CHOW.

ch'ao 3 mien 4 (Chinese) 'fried noodles': CHOW_MEIN.

cha 2 sui 4 (Chinese) 'mixed pieces': CHOP_SUEY.

che (Ancient Chinese) 'person': GEISHA.

chi 1 (Chinese) 'loom': PONGEE.

chia 3 (Chinese) 'false': HIRIKANA, KANA, KATAKANA.

chiang 1 (Chinese) 'ginger': GALINGALE.

chiang 4 (Chinese) 'paste, sauce': SOY. G Soja.

chiao 3 (Chinese) 'an animal's horn, liquid measure made from a horn': CHIAO.

ch'iao 4 (Chinese) 'bird, sparrow': MAHJONG.

chin 4 ch'eng 2 (Chinese) 'forbidden city': FORBIDDEN_CITY (by translation).

ching 1 (Chinese) 'capital': NAKING, PEKING.

chün (Chinese) 'army, troops': TUCHUN.

chung 3 (Chinese) 'kind': SOUCHONG.

chung 1 (Chinese) 'middle': MIDDLE KINGDOM (by translation).

d`ai (3-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'great': DAIMIO.

d`ai (Ancient Chinese) 'tea': TEA.

dji (Ancient Chinese) 'government': MEIJI.

duk (Chinese) 'alone': VIETMINH.

d`ung (Ancient Chinese) 'together': VIETMINH.

dz`iuat (2-8) (Ancient Chinese) 'art': JUJITSU.

fa 2 (Chinese) 'family, powerful person': ZAIBATSU.

fan (Can) 'times, division': FAN-TAN.

foo yong (Can) 'hibiscus': FOO YONG.

fu 4 (Chinese) 'curdled': BEAN_CURD (by translation).

fung (Ancient Chinese) 'wind': TYPHOON.

fwai (3-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'association': VIETMINH.

chi 1 (Chinese) 'chicken': MOO_GOO_GAI_PAN.

g`jie (Ancient Chinese) 'art, artist': KABUKI.

gwang (3-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'emperor': TENNO.

hang (Ancient Chinese) 'apricot': GINKGO.

he 2 (2-5) (Chinese) 'harmony': BOXER (by translation).

hei ch'on (Can) 'bright spring': HYSON.

ho (Amoy) 'down': PEKOE.

ho 2 (Chinese) 'together': GUNG HO.

ho 2 (Chinese) 'river': PEI HO.

hong (Can) 'profession, business establishment': HONG.

hsi 3 (Chinese) 'to wash': BRAINWASHING (by translation).

hsiao 3 (Chinese) 'small': SOUCHONG.

hsieh 4 (Chinese) 'to thank, gratitude': CUMSHAW.

huang 2 (Chinese) 'yellow': MAHUANG, WHANGEE.

huang 2 ti 4 (Chinese) 'emperor': SHIH_HUANG_TI.

i 1 (Chinese) 'one, first': ISSEI.

i 4 (Chinese) 'righteousness': BOXER (by translation).

jen 2 (Chinese) 'man': GINSENG.

ka (2-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'song, poem': TANKA.

ka (Chinese) 'family, people': TANKA.

kam (Can) 'gold, golden': KUMQUAT.

kamiu (2-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'singing and dancing': KABUKI.

kan 3 (Chinese) 'to feel': CUMSHAW.

kao (Can) 'dog': CHOW.

kao 1 liang 2 (Chinese), area in Kwantung Province: GALINGALE.

kap (Can) 'fast': CHOPSTICKS.

kat (2-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'kudzu': KUDZU.

kiang (Ancient Chinese) 'the capital': KYOTO, TOKYO.

kiu (Ancient Chinese) 'sentence, verse': HAIKU.

kiuan (Ancient Chinese) 'army': SHOGUN.

kiuan (Ancient Chinese) 'prince, sovereign': TYCOON.

kjwei (Ancient Chinese) 'to return': KIBEI.

k'o' (Chinese) 'to knock, bump': KOWTOW.

kôe (Amoy) 'minced seafood': CATSUP, KETCHUP.

kong hu (tê) (Amoy) 'labor, work': CONGOU.

kou 3 (Chinese) 'dog': CHOW.

kua 1 (Chinese) 'winter melon': WINTER_MELON (by translation).

kung 1 (Chinese) 'work': GUNG HO.

kung 4 (Chinese) 'to share': VIETCONG.

kuo 2 (Chinese) 'nation, national': KUOMINTANG, KUOYÜ, MIDDLE_KINGDON (by translation).

kuot (Ancient Chinese) 'land': NIPPON.

kwat (Can) 'orange': LOQUAT, KUMQUAT.

lai chi (Can) 'litchi': LITCHI.

lan 2 (Chinese) 'orchid': YULAN.

lao (Ancient Chinese) 'old, elder': GENRO, LAO-TSE.

li 2 (Chinese) 'a kind of bramble': WHANGEE.

liak (Ancient Chinese) 'strength': JINRIKSHA, RICKSHAW.

liap (Ancient Chinese) 'to stand': VIETMINH.

ling 3 (Chinese) 'mountain': NAN_LING.

lô (Can) 'rush': LOQUAT.

lung (Chinese) 'dragon': OOLONG.

ma 2 (Chinese) 'hemp': MAHUANG.

ma 2 (Chinese) 'spotted': MAHJONG.

men 2 (2-5) (Chinese) 'door': YAMEN.

miäng (Ancient Chinese) 'name': DAIMIO.

miei (Ancient Chinese) 'rice': KIBEI.

min 2 (Chinese) 'people': KUOMINTANG.

ming (Ancient Chinese) 'enlightened': MEIJI.

ming (Chinese) 'luminous, enlightened': MING.

miwang (Ancient Chinese) 'pact, federation': VIETMINH.

mjwei (Ancient Chinese) 'taste, touch': SAMISEN.

moo goo (Can) 'mushroom': MOO_GOO_GAI_PAN.

na (Chinese) 'name, character': HIRAGANA, KANA, KATAKANA.

nam (Ancient Chinese) 'south': VIETNAM.

nan 2 (Chinese) 'south, southern': NANDIN, NANKING, NANNING, NAN SHAN.

nao 3 (Chinese) 'brain': BRAINWASHING (by translation).

neng 2 (Chinese) 'talent, ability': NO.

ngi (Chinese) 'art': GEISHA.

ngien (Ancient Chinese) 'silver': GINKGO.

nguan (Ancient Chinese) 'first, principal': GENRO.

ning 2 (Chinese) 'peace': NANNING.

nzi (1-8,2-8) (Ancient Chinese) 'two, second': NISEI.

nzien (1-8,2-8,4-4), (Ancient Chinese) 'man': JINRIKSHA, RICKSHAW.

nziau (1-8,2-8) (Ancient Chinese) 'soft, yielding': JUDO, JUJITSU.

paak (Can) 'white': PAK CHOI.

pai 2 (Chinese) 'white': PET-SAI.

pan (Can) 'a slice': MOO_GOO_GAI_PAN.

pan 3 (Chinese) 'board': SAMPAN.

pe 2 (Chinese) 'white': PETUNTZE.

peh (Amoy) 'white': PEKOE.

pei 3 (Chinese) 'north': PEI_HO, PEKING.

p'en 2 1 (2-5) (Chinese) 'basin, pot, sacrificial vessel': BON, BONSAI.

pen 3 (Chinese) 'own': PONGEE.

puan (Ancient Chinese) 'source, origin': NIHON.

sai (Can) 'fine': SYCEE.

sam (Ancient Chinese) 'three, third': SAMISEN, SANSEI.

samsan 1 (Chinese) 'small boat': SAMPAN.

seng 1 (2-5) (Chinese) 'monk': BONZE. G Bonze.

shan 1 (Chinese) 'mountain': NAN SHAN.

shen 1 (Chinese) 'ginseng': GINSENG.

shen 2 (3-5) (Chinese) 'god, gods': SHINTO.

shih 3 (Chinese) 'beginning': SHI_HUANG_TI.

shih 4 (Chinese) 'lifetime, generation': ISSEI.

shih 4 (Chinese) 'man': BUSHIDO.

si (Can) 'silk': SYCEE.

siäi (1-8) (Ancient Chinese) 'generation, age': SANSEI.

siän (Ancient Chinese) 'string, chord': SAMISEN.

sui 4 (Chinese) 'year': BANZAI.

syäi (1-8) (Ancient Chinese) 'generation': NISEI.

tai (Ancient Chinese) 'great': TYPHOON.

t'ai (Ancient Chinese) 'great': TYCOON.

t'ai 2 chung 1 (Chinese) '(city in) central Taiwan': TAICHUNG.

t'ai 4 hu 2 (Chinese) 'great lake': TAI, T'AI_HU.

t'ai 2 pei 3 (Chinese) '(city in) northern Taiwan': TAIPEI.

tan (Can) 'egg': FOO_YONG.

t'an (Can) 'distribution, division': FAN-TAN.

tan (Can) 'tribal name represented by the character tan 4 'egg': TANKA.

t'ang 1 (Chinese) 'soup': BIRD'S_NEST_SOUP (by translation).

t'ang 2 (Chinese) 'hall, auditorium, assembly hall': TONG.

tang 3 (Chinese) 'party': KUOMINTANG.

tao 4 (Chinese) 'way, path': BUSHIDO, SHINTO.

tao 4 (Chinese) 'the way': TAOISM.

t'ien (Ancient Chinese) 'sky, heaven': TENNO, NANDIN.

t'ou 2 (Chinese) 'head': KOWTOW.

tou 4 (Chinese) 'bean': BEAN_CURD (by translation).

tsai 1 (Chinese) 'to plant': BONSAI.

ts'ai 2 (Chinese) 'wealth': ZAIBATSU.

ts'ai 4 (Chinese) 'vegetable': PETSAI.

tsap sui (Can) 'mixed pieces': CHOP_SUEY.

ts`ia (2-8) (Ancient Chinese) 'vehicle': JINRIKSHA, RICKSHAW.

tsiang (Ancient Chinese) 'to lead, command': SHOGUN.

tsiap (Amoy) 'brine, sauce, juice': CATSUP, KETCHUP.

tsiet (Ancient Chinese) 'festival': TET.

ts'oi (Can) 'vegetable': PAK_CHOI.

tu 1 (Chinese) 'to supervise': TUCHUN.

tuan (3-5) (Ancient Chinese) 'short': TANKA.

t'uan 2 (Chinese) 'brigade': BOXER (by translation).

tun 1 (Chinese) 'heap, mound': PETUNTZE.

tung (Ancient Chinese) 'east': TOKYO.

tung 1 (Chinese) 'winter melon': WINTER_MELON (by translation).

t'ung 2 (Chinese) 'tung tree': TUNG_TREE.

tuo (Ancient Chinese) 'metropolis, capital, city': KYOTO.

wan tan (Can) 'pastry': WON_TON.

wan 4 (Chinese) 'ten thousand': BANZAI.

wo 1 (Chinese) 'nest': BIRD'S_NEST_SOUP (by translation).

wu (Chinese) 'black': OOLONG.

wu 3 (Chinese) 'military': BUSHIDO.

ya 2 (Chinese) 'tooth, flag with serrated borders (placed at the entrance of a governor's office)': YAMEN.

yan (Can) 'addiction': YEN.

yang 2 (Chinese) 'the sun, masculine element': YANG.

yen 4 (Chinese) 'the swallow or swift': BIRD'S_NEST_SOUP (by translation).

yin 1 (Chinese) 'the moon, shade, femininity': YIN.

yü (Chinese) 'language': KUOYÜ.

yu 2 (Chinese) 'sauce': SOY.

yü (Chinese) 'jade': YULAN.

yüan 2 (Chinese) 'round (piece), dollar': YEN, YUAN.

yüan 2 (Chinese) 'first, beginning': YÜAN.

ywet (Ancient Chinese) 'Yüeh,' area in southern China': VIETNAM.