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Current Generation:
Jessie Maye McCandless (living)
    +Clint Alexander Niedens (living)

Generation 1:
Robert McCandless (living)
    +Diana May Henry Pilger (living)
        --Jessie McCandless (living)
        --Elizabeth McCandless (living)
        --Robert Nicholas McCandless (living)
            +Lauren Mueller (living)

Generation 2:
        --David Calvert McCandless (living)
        --Marilyn McCandless (living)
        --Robert McCandless (living)

Generation 3:
Calvert Cotton McCandless
        --Emma Cecilia McCandless
        --Harold Leonard McCandless
        --Lloyd Long McCandless (living)
        --Donald Eugene McCandless
        --George Stanley McCandless (living)

Generation 4:
        --Homer H McCandless
        --Calvert Cotton McCandless
        --Ruth Elner McCandless
        --Cecile Lois McCandless
        --Max Trimmer McCandless
        --Erma Leeta McCandless
        --Madge Wilma McCandless
        --Ted Roosevelt McCandless

Generation 5:
        --John Calvert McCandless
        --Mary Matilda McCandless
        --Emma Lucretia McCandless
        --Clara Alvaretta McCandless
        --Sarah Adeline McCandless
        --George E. McCandless
        --Albert Lee McCandless
        --Cleo Amanda McCandless

Generation 6: 
    +Mary Ann Neel
        --George H McCandless
        --William Neel McCandless
            +Martha A. Thompson
        --Sarah Jane McCandless
            +Thomas Shannon
        --Asberry McCandless
            +Henrietta Rosengrant
        --Mary Ann McCandless
            +Jeremiah Downey
        --John Alexander McCandless
        --Temperance Elizabeth McCandless
            +Armstrong Johnson

My McCandless line has been a brick-wall for me since I began researching my genealogy in 1998

"McCandless" is a Northern Irish surname derived from an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cuindlis - "son of Cuindleas," or "Son of the Lord of the Castle." This name appears in six variant forms. Early records of the name mention Matilda Candeles, 1379 in Yorkshire. In 1684, the name appears as McCANDLISH, McANDLISH, M'CANLEIS, and M'CAUNLES. Eight of this name appear in Wigtownshire, Scotland in the 18th century. William M'CANDLISH in Balmangan was recorded there in 1794. The spelling with MAC is probably now extinct. 

Likely settled in Ireland as part of the numerous Scotish families that immigrated to Northern Ireland as part of the "plantation of Ulster" movement in the 17th century, resulting in this to be a fairly common name in this region. 

Many Highland families migrated from Scotland to Ireland during the 17th and 18th centuries, and were granted the lands of the native Catholic Irish. One theory suggests that the McCandlish clan was banished from the Isles for its support of "Bonnie Prince Charlie" in the revolt of the Scottish clans against England.  The McCandlish lands were supposedly seized by the Court of Chancery, in whose custody they remain today.

Legend tells the seven McCandless brothers left Scotland for Ireland between 1609 and 1612.  Five settled in County Donegal, one in County Londonderry and one in County Antrim.  

The earliest record of a McCandless near Londonderry appears in a list of Protestant householders in 1740.  Quite a number of them emigrated to America in the wake of the Great Famine.   Another family legend tells of seven brothers who immigrated (obviously there is a theme here) to the United States around 1770, splitting up upon arrival and moving to New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and West Virginia.

However, it is unknown where my ancestor, John McCandless, came from.  The earliest record of him appears in the Cadiz, Ohio newspaper in 1827 where he's asked to pick up his mail at the post office.  Where he was before that time we might never know.