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Dr. Robert Booth

Dr Robert Booth was born in England to Thomas Booth and Unknown.  He married Frances Burgess in England around 1638.  They had six children:

2.  Capt. Robert Booth, Jr.
3.  Eleanor Booth
4.  Thomas Booth
5.  William Booth
6.  Humphrey Booth

Robert Booth served as York County, Virginia Clerk of Courts from 1640 until his death in 1657.  He also served at least one term as a member of the House of Burgesses.  

He died in 1657 in York County, Virginia.  


Robert Booth of "Belle Ville," Gloucester County, Virginia, was a physician. He served as Clerk of York County, Virginia, from 1640 to 1657 and represented York County in the House of Burgesses, 1653 and 1654. In 1657 he died leaving a widow Frances (born 1609 according to her deposition 1668). Robert Booth's Library, valued at 14 pounds sterling contained not less than 300 volumes, we are told in Brun's Constitutional History of Virginia. Colonial records show that Mr. Booth left at his death 23 thousand brick, valued at 184 shillings. Brick was manufactured either by a planter's own slaves on the premises, or by transient labor in those days. Land conveyances from and to Robert 'Bouth' dated, 1639; 1642; 1649, 1652; 1653; Charles County Patent Records (later York County), show that he was possessed of extensive tracts. 

1. Extracted from microfilm print sent by Terri Jensen 
"From Ancestry of William Clopton of Virginia, p. 222. in: The Genealogical Society, 107 S. Main, Box 749, Salt Lake City, Utah, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Chapter VII 
'Robert Booth of 'Belle Ville,' Gloucester County, Virginia, father of Ann Booth (wife of William Clopton, Gent.), was a physician,. He served as Clerkof York County, Virginia from 1640 to 1657 and represented York County in the House of Burgess, 1653 and 1654. In 1657 he died leaving a widow Frances(born 1609 according to her deposition 1668). Robert Booth's Library, valued at 14 pounds sterling contained not less than 300 volumes, we are told in Burn's Constitutional History of Virginia. Colonial records show that Mr. Booth left at his death 23 thousand brick, Valued at 184 Shillings. Brick was manufactured either by a planter's own slaves on the premises, or by transient labor in those days. Land conveyances from and to Robert 'Bouth' dated, 1639; 1642; 1649' 1652; 1653; Charles County Patent Records (later York County), show that he was possessed of extensive tracts. ..." 

2. Extracted from Genealogies of Virginia Families, William & Mary Quarterly Volume I, p. 449. 
"Notes from the Records: In the records of the General Court is this entry: 11 Nov, 1672, ordered that Robert Bouth, son and heir of Robert, pattent in his own name 1000 acres in New Kent, granted and seated by said Robert Bouth, deceased. ..." 

Extracted from Genealogies of Virginia Families from the Tyler Quarterly History and Genealogy Magazine Volume I, Genealogical Pub County, Balto MD, pp. 173-174 
We know of three distinct Booth families in Virginia. There was the Booth family of Gloucester County, from which Gen. William. B. Taliaferro was descended. Then there was a numerous family of the name on the south side of the James, going back to a very early date. The York County Family appears to have no immediate connection with either of these, and has died out in the male line. Robert Booth was clerk of York County from 1640 to 1652. That year (1652)he represented York County in the House of Burgesses, and in 1654 he was again a representative. He died in 1657, leaving a widow Frances , born in 1619, [sic] according to her deposition in 1668. Oct. 25, 1658. An order concerning a debt due Mrs. Frances Booth, widow of Robert Booth, deceased. (York County Records.) They had issue ... 

According to a history of the Patrick NAPIER family, Robert Booth received land in Charles River County, later York, in 1638.

SOURCE: "Gen. of Virginia Families", Vol. IV, P. 26, Booth File 
"Robert Booth died 1657, leaving widow, Frances and three children -- (1) Elizabeth married Dr. Patrick Napier; (2) Robert married Ann Bray; and (3) Anne m. 1st Thomas Dennett and 2nd William Clopton.... "The records show that George Baskerville married Eliz., a daughter of Hugh Norvell of James City County; and Thomas Dennett, mentioned above as first husband of Ann Booth, had a sister Mary, who married John Baskerville, and they were the parents of George Baskerville, who married Elizabeth Norvell.

SOURCE: "Family Lines", Harper P. 227-229:
"The Booths were descended from a noble family in England, and it is reported that there is still a vacant title to which the oldest Branch in this country is entitled. 
"The first one of this family to emmigrate to this country, was, we have been told, the son of a Baronet in England, and owned a very large estate in what we call the Highlands, then considered superior to the low grounds. 
"They were genuine specimens of good old English Squires, and remarkable for their great integrity of character. Most of the oldest families in Gloucester County, Virginia, were either descended from, or connected with them. In the 'Ancestry of William Clopton of Virginia' is found, 'Robert Booth of Belleville, Gloucester County , Virginia, father of Anne Booth, wife of William Clopton, Gent.' 
"In 1637 Robert Booth bought land; 1639 - was made Clerk of York County; 1652 - was Justice; 1653-54, was member of the House of Burgesses; 1654, member of Assembly from York; and he was a physician.