01/04/11 - Comics I like

I enjoy the LUC Bonus features. It gives me chance to make something out of those ideas that don’t really fit into a story line. Many of them are inspired by other comics that I read. At the start of this New Year I thought I would share a few Bonus comics and some other webcomic titles that I like.

I have always loved super-heroes. As a kid I would cut pictures of Spiderman and the Hulk out of magazines and old comics my Mom would buy at the used book store  and make my own comics. (One of those old comics was Giant Sized X-Men #1… I still kick myself once a year just so I’ll never forget my crime.) 

But even as a kid I wondered why all the Hulks clothes ripped except his pants, even though he was four times the size, and if superheroes wear their costume under their clothes everyday, don't they start to stink after a few days? 

Foreshadowing my career in Marketing, I also thought that these poor misunderstood Heroes could be loved by the public if they could only get had a good agent or publicist.

Today’s Bonus Feature is inspired by The Hero Business, by Bill Walko. This comic cleverly blends the classic superhero conventions with office humor and  the modern day reality of our celebrity centric culture. The Hero Business is a full-service agency catering strictly to the super-heroes where their marketing marvels can fly you “from zero to hero.” And really…if superheroes did exist, agents, publicists and business managers would be on them faster than a speeding bullet.


Click the banner above to check out The Hero Business. I like it - and you might too!

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