LIFE Under Construction is an ongoing story about building a life, one strip at a time. 

It is a story of divorce, friendship, romance, relationships, working, playing, coffee, booze, music, movies and much more.  Set in the fantastic city of Fort Collins, Colorado, (Highly fictionalized though) the story centers around Brandon and his group of friends as they navigate the trials and the triumphs of a Life Under Construction.




Our hero. 

A  recent divorcee, Brandon has lost his wife, his house, his job and his dog and has been forced to move in to an apartment with his old college roommate Phil.  

For years, Brandon has been blown by the winds of fortune. With the collapse of everything he had grown used to, Brandon has been forced to pick himself up and start re-building his life, one day at a time.  

Currently his Life is... Under Construction.

Brandon's college (and current) roommate and one of his best friends. He is inexplicably and very successfully employed in the Recording Industry, giving him a ridiculously dangerous amount of disposable income.

Phil has a tenuous grasp on reality and a SEVERE impulse control problem, often saying and doing whatever pops into his head, regardless of consequences and/or possible incarceration. 

His utter selfishness and insensitivity is balanced by his wit, charm and complete devotion to his friends.



The third point in the friendship triangle, Tom is everything Phil is not-- sensitive, reliable and meek, with the propensity to be didactic and boorish at times. 

Married with three kids, Tom works in the non-profit sector for little pay and zero respect.  He is the very definition of Thoreau's comment that  "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Just as Phil is the devil on Brandon's shoulder, Tom is Brandon's metaphorical angel.




other friend, Holly and Brandon have known each other for a long time and are very close.

They have a best-buddy or brother-sister relationship with just enough latent attraction to make it creepy. She is smoking hot but seriously off her rocker with occasional comments or outbursts that bring in to question her overall sanity. 

She is neutral towards Tom and definitely NOT friends with Phil, although they are currently observing an unspoken and uneasy cease-fire due to their efforts to help Brandon. 



LUC is brought to you by the dynamic duo of Scooter Hughes and Liam Tigh. After debating about a suitable project on which to focus their creative energies for quite some time (i.e. YEARS) they decided it was either a webcomic or world domination. Since you are reading this now, that means the world is safe...for now.

Scooter Hughes:
(Creator/ Writer)

Scooter is a legend in his house, far and away the most well known figure from the kitchen to the bathroom. Scooter has been a fan of comics since he was just a wee lad. He mostly gravitated to superheros like Spider-man and the X-men, but was not above sneaking into his older brother's room to read his collection of Richie Rich and Archie.  Scooter has worked in almost every field imaginable. Some people say this is because he can't decide on what he wants to be when he grows up. Those people may be right.

Liam Tigh: 
(Artist/ Illustrator)

Liam holds aspirations of either sainthood or world-destruction, possibly both. Some may dismiss this as delusions of grandeur, but it should be pointed out that he is, in fact, a ninja (having thus far evaded every attempt to capture his image on camera)  Liam has been key in bringing the LUC saga to life by being the only artist willing to work for positive affirmations and a case of New Belgium beer. Liam has been drawing at least as long as Scooter has know him. He also has been drinking for the majority of that time as well. These things may or may not be mutually exclusive. 


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