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If you have picked up the comic section of a newspaper anytime in the last several decades, chances are you have seen the strip “FamilyCircus” by Bil Keane. Every now and then Bil would feature a guest comic that was done by nine-year-old “Billy”.  They were incredibly cute and were some of my favorites.

Today’s guest comic is brought to you by my two-year-old Lily with some help from her big sister Angie. When they said they wanted to submit a guest comic, I was skeptical, but the concept made me laugh and the “static” that Lily drew raised the cute factor to the  point that I just had to post it.

Thanks for the guest comic Angie and Lily, and for all the support you have shown for the comic. And thanks for thinking what we do is “cool”. 


Good news everyone! Next week we will be resuming our regular comic updates. We are just as excited as you are, I am sure.

Today's comic was a product of a conversation Liam and had about panel sizes that went on for waaaaaaaaay to long. Just so you know, there is a LOT of thought that goes into the structure and format of those little boxes that frame the comic. And math. Lot's of thought and math. See you next week!