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7/4/19- Good News: After quite a long journey, we finally have our Domain Name back! We will be rebuilding the comic site again soon, but until then here is an archive of the comic from the old Google Sites. Enjoy.

New site. Comic Con... This weekend is awesome!

Denver Comic Con is this weekend! Liam and I are so very excited to be attending again this year. Please come see us at table A15 in Artist Valley. Liam will be doing sketches and commissioned artwork, you can check out our T-shirts and limited edition DCC prints or you can just hang out. We don't get out too often and could use the socialization.

Below is a map in case you can't find us. We do not guarantee treasure, but you never know...


That's REALLY not what Phil expected would happen.

I love Phil's expression in the second panel. It looks like he is about to do a spit-take with his cereal. 

That's not what Phil expected would happen.


Using inside information to sabotage all of Brandon's dates is low... but Phil is going through some stuff.

Oh yeah, Phil would be the WORST wing-man in the world.

I think Phil may not be working in Brandon's best interests.

Oh Brandon! Never leave your browser open for others to, well, er... browse.

I wonder how long he will stare at the screen.