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Truth never changes. It cannot be destroyed by any decision or legal act.

Telling the truth with courage is a way leading directly to freedom "  

Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko

1947 Marian Congress

Parish Celebration Options
to Celebrate this Important Anniversary

and for the establishment
of PRO LIFE Medical Centres
 in Ottawa and throughout the world

The next Mass on our Pilgrimage Journey
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The Gospel of life is at the heart

of Jesus' message. Lovingly received

day after day by the Church, it is

to be preached with dauntless

fidelity as "good news" to the

people of every age and culture.

Embrace Holy Cross

Our Lady's Rosary Makers
Mission Rosary Supplies


of the Archdiocese of Ottawa
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Conversion, prayer, penance, fasting

Messages of Our Lady of Sorrows in Kibeho, Rwanda

The Apparitions to the first three visionaries have been officially recognized by the Church in 2001.
In Kibeho, Our Lady had predicted in 1984,
the war of 1994
for more information

For the Rosary of the
Seven Sorrows of Mary
as taught to Marie-Claire Mukangango in Kibeho Rwanda,

The Urgent Appeal of Our Mother of the Word
Article by Father Scott McCaig on Our Lady of Kibeho
in the Fall 2011 Issue of the
Companions of the cross newsletters

Near the Cross with Mary
Bishop Scott McCaig
From the latest edition of the Companions of the Cross newsletter.
Bishop McCaig chose as his Episcopal Motto Juxta  Crucem Cum Maria which means “ Near the Cross with Mary”
He gives an explanation in the latest edition
of the Companions of the Cross Newsletter,
how he designed his coat of arms and how he chose his episcopal motto

See attachment at bottom of page

1947 Marian Congress
 which was held in Ottawa
Wednesday, June 18th, 1947 - Sunday, June 22, 1947
The site  contains many stories from the archives of the Ottawa Citizen
as well as numerous photos from the Citizen.
This was a great historical Religious event for Canada
and attracted approximately 200,000 visitors to the city  

with links to many Catholic organizations,
pro Life groups, youth groups, prayers...

Maureen's Archives

 Information on News and Events going back to 2008

maureen's thoughts my blog

Music Schedule for Annunciation Parish

some current Diocesan News

Celebrating 100 Years of Fatima

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
One of the world’s foremost authorities on Roman Catholic canon law, Raymond Cardinal Burke leads with an unwavering passion for the integrity of Catholic doctrine embodied in the words of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic Thing is the kind of little miracle that ripples out to touch lives in powerful ways.” – Archbishop Charles Chaput

Pat Maloney

Everyday for Life Canada

Paul Lauzon 

Father Tim McCauley

Saints and Blesseds

Father James Whalen:

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