Annie, the musical

September 2017


December 2017

Bremen in 20 years (Бременские 20 лет спустя), June 2016

Adventures of Vetochka (Приключения Девочки Веточки)

December 2015, August 2013

December 2015


A Play by Misha Leder with songs by Slava Gerovich, David Lavie and Masha Shkolnik

Something from nothing! Again! What a miracle...Premiered at Arrowhead Pocnos, PA in Summer of 2013, staged again and premiered in New York in winter of 2015.

Masha - you are my hero! Our great thanks to both you and Misha Leder for your creativity, your organization and your patience with all of us, kids and adults! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for Ben to become part of something as fantastic as this!

- Anna N

This was beyond great!!! Thank you Masha! Thanks to everyone who put their hearts and enormous amounts of time and dedication into it! Kids were amazing. Everything exceeded my expectations: costumes, music, lyrics. It was just great! Till next year, maybe I will be more available next year to help out!!!

- Marina E

August 2013

Suitcase (Чемодан), musical-detective

August - September 2015

New York, September 2015


Pocono, August 2015

Cat walking by itself (Кошка, которая гуляла сама по себе)


Little Fury (Дюймовочка)